Valencia Digital Summit 2023 has selected the 10 startups to participate in the final of its international competition. Taking place on the 26th and 27th of October, the grand final will be hosted at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. A distinguished jury made up of high-level investors and leaders from international corporations will be tasked with selecting the best startups in both the seed and growth stage.

Autoscriber, Beynex, Bridgewise, Cafler, Ender Turing, Legitify, Zim Connections, Quantic Brains, Spendbase and Welii have emerged as the top 10 startups headed for the final. These innovative and technological companies were selected from a pool of 50 startups out of more than 600 applications submitted from 48 different countries.


These 10 finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their projects on the main stage of VDS2023 and they will be prominently featured in the event’s exhibition space. The competition will also serve as a valuable platform to promote the 50 semi-finalist startups chosen by the jury, who will have the chance to present their projects at the Ecosystem Stage.

  • Autoscriber. Stands at the forefront of the Health and Wellbeing sector, using Artificial Intelligence to support medical professionals in their work.
  • Beynex. Focuses on brain health improvement through an innovative mobile solution that involves games and personalised exercises
  • Bridgewise. Empowers investors by harnessing generative technology and AI to facilitate smarter decision-making.
  • Cafler. Introduces a convenient marketplace, where professional drivers take charge of all car-related activities on your behalf.
  • Ender Turing. Helps call centres streamline quality control processes, provide guidance to agents, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Legitify. Pioneers remote notarization of documents through their efficient online notary service.
  • Quantic Brains. Utilises the power of AI to generate lifelike 3D characters for use in movies and video games.
  • Zim Connections. They are an eSIM marketplace created to help travellers around the world.
  • Spendbase. Helps companies optimise their  budgets by eliminating inactive subscriptions and securing exclusive discounts.
  • Welii. Assists finance and IT teams in securing the most competitive prices for all SaaS tools.

The two startups that emerge as winners in the final will receive various prizes, including an exhibition space at the 2024 edition of Valencia Digital Summit, and will benefit from the networking and business promotion opportunities offered by an international event like VDS

Among the 10 finalists, a significant portion, almost a third, operate in the software sector, while more than 36% are dedicated to developing technology in the realm of artificial intelligence. Notably, the final exhibits a truly international character, featuring only two Spanish startups (Cafler and Quantic Brains), alongside six European startups: Autoscriber from the Netherlands, Legitify from Ireland, Ender Turing from Estonia, Spendbase from Ukraine, Welii from France and Zim Connections from United Kingdom. Additionally, the global diversity continues with one startup from Turkey (Beynex) and one from Israel (Bridgewise).

An international jury comprising key players from the tech and innovation ecosystem were in charge of selecting the finalists. The panel included Gioia Cerbelli, VP at GPBullhound; Patricia Camarero, investor at Octopus Ventures; Víctor Navarro, Principal at Yellow VC; Jordi Iserte, Investment Director at Adevinta; Francisco Pinto, Executive Director at Bynd VC; Javier Megias, Managing Partner at Plug and Play, and Alejandra Menéndez, Chief International Officer at Startup Valencia.