The pace of technological development often presents us with scenarios and utilities that seem futuristic, but are in reality not too far away, such as Zuckerberg’s metaverse, the boom of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT, decentralised investment in crypto assets, and the rise of neo-collectivism through non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Amidst this whirlwind of innovation, blockchain technology represents one of the most transformative developments the internet has seen in recent years. Its applications extend to practically all fields and its benefits align perfectly with users’ longstanding demands for decentralisation, security and traceability.

In the face of such a revolution, Valencia, a leading entrepreneurial hub, has seized the opportunity to develop its own strategy and position itself as a benchmark for blockchain technology. The city has brought together the main startups using this technology, creating a cluster of specialised companies. This demonstrates the unity in our ecosystem, driven by a common desire to establish the Valencian Community as a leading region for entrepreneurship.

The so-called Startup Valencia Blockchain Hub has already attracted over fifty associated companies, and it has not even celebrated its first anniversary. Its mission is to elevate the Valencian blockchain sector to an international level through events such as the one organised in collaboration with Alastria to discuss tokenisation or the session on Binance Live, alongside other key agents of the Valencia hub, which has already accumulated over 1,000 views.

Here are our top picks for Valencian blockchain startups to watch out for in 2023:

Take a look at the Startups Observatory of the Valencian Community, created by Startup Valencia. You can use the filters available to find other service companies with experience in blockchain projects.


Main Valencian Blockchain Startups

1. Bit2Me. Not just a crypto broker, as explained by its CIO, David Ortega, in an exclusive interview with Startup Valencia.

2. ClimateCoin. The world’s first cryptocurrency supporting the fight against climate change has its origins in Valencia. By purchasing ClimateCoin, users can invest in companies and projects that offer real solutions for the environment while potentially earning a return on their investment.

3. ClimateTrade. Digital tools at the service of companies on their mission to combat climate change and reduce or offset their carbon footprint. It is also one of the Valencian startups that has raised the most investment to date.

4. Criptan. Another leading Valencian fintech focused on investment in crypto assets and “disruptive savings”.

5. Criptendo. Talent training in Web3 and Blockchain, given the high demand for professionals in this field.

6. CryptoTechFin. Automated indexed investment tool based on the algorithm and strategy that the user associates with their trader profile.

7. Code Contract. Disintermediation is another benefit that blockchain offers, in this case to automate administrative processes and eliminate red tape.

8. Crowmie. A renewable energy investment platform that uses tokens to manage the income derived from each operation.

9. Depasify. Fintech solution that offers a single integration point to banks and startups, reducing the need for customised development for tasks such as payment and collections, investment, and custody of assets, among others.

10. Domoblock. Tokenized investment platform in real estate assets with an innovative buying and selling service for individuals and real estate agencies to obtain additional profitability from the sale amount.

11. Goken. Blockchain at the service of content creation, for example, an official collection of NFTs (digital assets) for a sports entity.

12. Haux T. Marketplace for community investment in tokenised real estate projects.

13. Jobchain. Digital wallet that enables cryptocurrency transactions and storage, including receiving a salary in cryptocurrency.

14. Medalio. Solution for brands and sports entities to manage ticketing and create collectible digital assets.

15. Mr.Crypto. Cryptocurrency investment tool that simplifies the buying and selling of crypto assets with a weekly selection of 10 digital currencies.

16. Oratrex. Platform for smart ticketing management that uses blockchain technology to replace PDF tickets with digital collectibles.

17. Reental. Marketplace for investment in tokenised real estate that provides passive income to the user.

18. Patronus. Blockchain to provide a tokenised image rights solution for sports talent, facilitating the sponsorship of promising young players.

19. StadioPlus. “The bridge between the sports industry and the future” is how the company led by Jon Fatelevich is defined and is one of the most internationally recognised in the field of NFTs and metaverse for sports entities and the world of eSports, as demonstrated by its creation of the LaLiga metaverse.

20. Staxe. Solution that enables fans to be co-participants in the production of their favourite artists’ content, obtaining tokens that represent rights to future royalties.

21. Solbeatz. Platform connecting ‘off the radar’ artists with music fans and NFT collectibles.

22. Stocken Capital. SaaS for companies in the technical-legal sector to digitise their social shares using blockchain technology as a documentary record.

23. Trazable. Smart traceability software to monitor and optimise supply chains.