Tell us about EY, what is your company’s purpose?

EY is a global professional services firm that focuses on helping its clients adapt and thrive in a business transformation context. EY’s purpose as a firm is to build a better world, working with clients to address the most complex challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities. We offer a wide range of services in the areas of Audit, Consulting, Tax, Legal, and Transactions.


In a constantly changing and evolving world, how does EY adapt to technological and economic trends to bring continuous value to its clients?

We understand that technology is at the core of business transformation, and we strive to provide customized solutions to address the unique needs and challenges of each organization. We also believe that our industry and regulatory knowledge, digital capabilities, and global geographic reach give us a privileged position to help design and execute those transformation and growth strategies. Additionally, EY is making significant investments in disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence to enhance the quality and efficiency of its services. A recent example is the announcement of a specialized Artificial Intelligence team with 21 partners, 140 AI specialists, and 1,300 technology experts.


Valencia Digital Summit will celebrate its sixth edition on October 26th and 27th at the City of Arts and Sciences. What are your expectations for VDS2023?

We hope that our participation in VDS2023 will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas with entrepreneurs, investors, and other key players in the Valencian business ecosystem. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and industry experience to collaborate with participants and contribute to its growth and development.

Additionally, we will have two professionals present in the panel discussions. Mario Rodríguez will moderate the panel “Exploring the Evolution: The Future Landscape of EUROPE” and Alfonso Núñez will participate in the panel “How to Innovate Transformation in Big Corporations“. Both panels will include other industry experts in their respective areas.


What role do international tech events like Valencia Digital Summit play in fostering the innovative ecosystem?

From our perspective, international tech events like Valencia Digital Summit play a crucial role in fostering the innovative ecosystem. They provide a platform for networking, discussing strategies, exploring new business solutions, and energizing the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem. These events bring together business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry members, fostering learning, collaboration, and idea exchange.


VDS generated a business volume of over 10 million euros in 2022. How do events like VDS contribute to creating and strengthening synergies and relationships between companies?

Events like Valencia Digital Summit provide a platform for startups to connect with investors, sponsors, and other industry players. Entrepreneurs also have the opportunity to present their ideas to a diverse audience and establish contacts with other members of the business ecosystem. Additionally, these gatherings are also an opportunity for training and learning through workshops, presentations, and panel discussions on the most relevant industry topics.

From EY’s perspective, our presence at events like Valencia Digital Summit is part of our commitment to helping startups discover new opportunities to expand, develop their technologies, secure funding, and reach new customers and markets.


What has led you to collaborate with VDS2023?

It is in EY’s DNA to support the development and growth of the business ecosystem, in this case, in Valencia. We believe in Valencia and its ecosystem, particularly in high-impact entrepreneurship. Our collaboration with VDS2023 will contribute to generating synergies among members of the Valencian business ecosystem, with a focus on innovation and growth. We are here to bring our knowledge and experience to help industry players capitalize on the growth opportunities in the current market.


The innovative and technological ecosystem in Valencia has positioned itself as a reference hub in southern Europe. Why do you think Valencia continues to grow exponentially year after year? What sets Valencia apart from other prominent hubs?

Valencia continues to evolve thanks to its thriving innovative and technological ecosystem. In addition to its significant impact on the Valencian economy, the fact that this edition has attendees from over 80 countries represents an unprecedented opportunity for connection and interaction among entrepreneurs and companies across Europe.

The combination of a strong traditional industry with a vibrant emerging startup culture results in an innovative business environment that enriches itself day by day. Factors such as transportation and telecommunications infrastructure, climate, multicultural coexistence (Valencia has the highest number of Erasmus students in Europe), affordable cost of living, as well as government support and foreign investment make Valencia an ideal destination for the growth of emerging companies.

Valencia Digital Summit is another example of the city’s commitment to technology and innovation, and its continued role as a reference point in southern Europe for strengthening the business fabric and attracting national and international talent.