Valencia Digital Summit (VDS), the international flagship event of the Valencian innovation ecosystem hosted yearly by Startup Valencia that celebrated its fifth edition at the end of October, has officially become a carbon neutral event after offsetting 90 tonnes of CO thanks to its collaboration with ClimateTrade, Green Partner of VDS2022.

To calculate its carbon footprint, ClimateTrade followed the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which requires measuring all six types of greenhouse gases (CO, CH₄, NO, HFC, PFC and SF6) and took into account the presence of more than 12,000 attendees from 70 different countries, 450 speakers and more than 400 investors, as well as the means of transport used by each of them to reach the City of Arts and Sciences (the venue for VDS2022) and the energy used to power the three days of the international tech event.

These emissions will be offset by Startup Valencia through ‘VTRM Renewable Energy 2′. This is a cluster project, located in Brazil, which consists of the planning and building of renewable energy power plants. These installations reduce greenhouse gas emissions and displace the use of fossil fuels when generating electricity. They also contribute to the sustainable development of the region where they are located, as they stimulate the economy, improve the area’s infrastructure, promote skilled employment and generate income for the landowners, who can diversify the productivity of the land. 

The entire offsetting process is guaranteed by ClimateTrade’s blockchain platform, as its credits are 100% traceable. Moreover, this activity is reflected in a personalised certificate with information about the chosen project. This transparency guarantees the positive impact of carbon offsetting for the planet.

Sustainability was one of the strategic pillars of the fifth edition of the Valencia Digital Summit, a convention that gives the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem a platform to showcase to the world how technology, innovation and digitalisation are inspiring a better future for both society and the planet,” explains Juan Luis Hortelano, president of Startup Valencia. “Thanks to the compensation of its carbon footprint, VDS also becomes a symbol of commitment to the environment and a tech event that responds positively to the great social challenges at a global level”, he points out. 

According to Francisco Benedito, CEO of ClimateTrade, “It is a pleasure to support the carbon neutrality of this tech event with which we have been collaborating for years as part of the startup ecosystem of the Valencian Community. With this initiative, Valencia Digital Summit is positioned as a benchmark not only in innovation, but also in sustainability”.


An international tech event

VDS2022 served to showcase and highlight the innovative solutions being developed in the Valencian Community, as well as to highlight the talent and technology being generated in the region. It allowed prominent national and international investors, with a portfolio of more than €6 billion to invest in the coming year, as well as CEOs and founders of the world’s leading multinationals, to home in on the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The fifth edition of Valencia Digital Summit counted on the support of the public administration, both local and regional. The Generalitat Valenciana, Valencia City Council, Valencia Activa, Las Naves, Diputación de Valencia and Valencian Finance Institute were involved in VDS2022 to demonstrate their commitment to the Valencian innovation ecosystem and to boost its dynamism.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger