The sixth edition of Valencia Digital Summit, to be held on the 26th and 27th of October at the City of Arts and Sciences, will centre around three pivotal themes: Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability and Mobility. Among these, Mobility plays a particularly crucial role as it intertwines with both AI and Sustainability. In fact, the future of mobility must embrace the other two in order to thrive. Considering the broader context, it is a shared challenge, given Europe’s commitment to becoming the first CO2 neutral continent by 2050. Achieving this requires a profound transformation in how we transport goods and passengers. Valencia aims to take the lead in spearheading this change.

Valencia has all the right ingredients for fostering innovation and growth in the mobility sector, evident from the presence of several prominent technology companies and multinational corporations in the city and the surrounding region. The ‘Sustainable Mobility Technology Centre‘ opened by Siemens, the Toshiba subsidiary specialising in automation and control of port machinery, the Lufthansa division focused on fleet management and predictive maintenance, and the Volkswagen gigafactory in Sagunto to manufacture electric car batteries, all solidify Valencia’s position as a hub for mobility initiatives. The city’s attraction to these industry giants is not accidental; it owes much to the abundance of local talent available through a robust network of polytechnic universities and specialised training centres.

The fertile environment in Valencia naturally fosters a vibrant atmosphere of debate, discussion, and networking, making it an ideal hub for various mobility-related events. Among these gatherings is the eMobility World Congress, encompassing diverse verticals such as automotive, rail, air, port and urban mobility sectors. Additionally, Mobility Innovation Valencia, promoted by AVIA, the Automotive and Mobility Cluster of the Valencian Community, will be an integral part of VDS2023, further amplifying the significance of mobility-related topics at the Valencian startup ecosystem’s flagship event.

Large companies, local talent, forums for innovation and debate create a fertile ground for innovation. However, the true catalyst for innovation lies in startups. Their speed of execution, visionary approach, and willingness to challenge established norms allow them to redefine the rules of the game and disrupt markets with unique solutions. These are the main Valencian startups in the mobility sector.


Leading Valencian Mobility Startups

1. AtriaMove. Online marketplace for buying and selling second-hand and reconditioned scooters which is leading the way in micro mobility.

2. EMCIL. The surge in electric vehicles has led to a proliferation of startups associated with their use, such as this Valencian company that rewards electric car owners for every journey they make.

3. Flit2Go. Software solutions for vehicle fleet connectivity, innovative rental models and platforms, and a diverse array of other tools aimed at improving mobility through technology,

4. Gaia Green Tech. Network of charging points for electric vehicles that provides services to companies and organisations covering all aspects of charger planning, installation and maintenance of chargers.

5. Imperia. Demand, production and purchasing planning software that enables supply chains to operate more efficiently and intelligently.

6. Kleta. ‘Bicycle as a service‘ would be a suitable way to describe the model of this Valencian startup that provides its users with a bicycle, along with maintenance, through a monthly subscription format. In addition, the vehicle is specially designed to be lightweight and difficult to steal.

7. Miivo Mobility. A mobile application that centralises all urban mobility options within a single interface. Its benefits include easy credit top-ups, convenient comparison of travel options and prices, and the elimination of the need for physical cards.

8. Mojito360. A startup leveraging technology to enhance communication between importers and exporters in order to offer its users greater visibility throughout the supply chain. It also integrates data extraction and processing, enabling smarter decision making.

9. Movelso. Introducing a compact, zero-emission vehicle with high storage capacity and an integrated renewable energy station. It’s the future of mobility, proudly made in Valencia and available today.

10. MyRentGo. Implementation of urban mobility solutions for companies and establishments in the tourism sector, in order to offer users a variety of sustainable transport options.

11. Navlandis. Revolutionising cargo containers with an innovative folding design that increases both load and storage capacity by a factor of five compared to traditional containers.

12. NEXT Electric Motors. Introducing electric motorbikes with a striking avant-garde design and a range exceeding 100 kilometres. These bikes provide a sustainable alternative to traditional fuel-powered vehicles.

13. Plan Moves. Installation and certification of electric vehicle charging points for a wide variety of applications, from single-family homes to large corporations and public entities.

14. Safe Load Testing. Design and development of industrial equipment for packaging testing that simulates the real conditions of the distribution cycle. The company also offers its expertise in packaging engineering to train and advise customer personnel.

15. Skroller. A backrest designed to improve the ergonomics of electric scooter riders and increase the safety of their journeys.

16. Smobery. A network of battery recharging stations that enables users to swap their depleted batteries for fully charged ones, significantly reducing downtime. Its mobile app allows you to conveniently locate stations and check their availability.

17. Spiny. Portable kit that transforms a standard bicycle into an electric one with a range of up to 35 kilometres on a single charge.

18. Tookane. Part of the VASCO group, a multinational transport and logistics company with over five decades of industry expertise, this software serves as an all-in-one interface for automating logistics and distribution operations.

19. UNAwheel. Design and production of cutting-edge electric wheelchairs, featuring user-friendly coupling mechanisms for both domestic and hospital use.

20. V2C. Manufacturers of electric vehicle recharging points equipped with screens that not only display useful information but also provide advertising tips.

21. Zeleros. As one of the most pioneering Valencian mobility startups, it stands out for its ambitious mission: the development and implementation of the hyperloop, a groundbreaking mode of transportation, known for its disruptive and intricate nature.


More mobility startups are joining the Valencian ecosystem

The Valencian ecosystem’s exceptional level of specialisation and the promising opportunities emerging in the field of mobility have not gone unnoticed by startups originally established outside the Valencian Community. In fact, four such companies have joined forces with Startup Valencia, establishing teams and activities in the region. They serve as a testament to the inclusiveness of the Valencian startup ecosystem, which always remains open to talent and dedicated to connecting it with local opportunities and resources.

22. Cielum. Mobility extends beyond traditional road or urban travel to include innovative transport methods like drones. This Galician startup operates in this field, offering solutions to both fleets and drone enthusiasts.

23. Elogy. Logistics plays a pivotal role in advancing sustainability, with smarter storage enabling more eco-friendly goods mobility. Elogy is an Italian ecosystem of services designed to automate the logistics of e-commerce businesses, contributing to this transformation.

24. Logístiko. Tech solution from Málaga for last-mile deliveries through a SaaS platform that seamlessly integrates with third-party programmes to improve delivery efficiency.

25. Yego. Catalan on-demand urban mobility startup with one of the first electric scooters on the market and a major presence in cities such as Paris, Barcelona, and, of course, Valencia.


Blockchain, Mobility and AI are turning Valencia into a leading entrepreneurial ecosystem

The Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem boasts a strong presence in the key sectors that are expected to drive significant innovation in the near future. Notably, in Blockchain, where several prominent Valencian startups operate, including Bit3Me; Artificial Intelligence, with numerous local firms specialising in AI-Powered products and Valencian investment funds like Next Tier Ventures dedicated to AI; and the burgeoning field of Mobility. The ecosystem is also thriving in sectors such as eHealth, ClimaTech, and Gaming.

This diverse landscape underscores the versatility of the ecosystem and the well-rounded nature of Valencian startups. Regardless of the sector in question, the ingredients for success are consistently present: companies that are leaders in their field, a pool of skilled local talent, events for knowledge sharing and networking, and, of course, a multitude of innovative startups.