Valencia Digital Summit will bring together the leading experts on innovation in the port sector at the Ports and Logistics Forum promoted by Opentop, Valenciaport’s Innovation Hub. The gathering, which will take place on Wednesday, the 26th of October, will be a meeting point for investors, startups and corporations of the sector and an opportunity for them to analyse the challenges that ports are currently facing.

Among the great challenges that the sector has to respond to are, firstly, the growth in the demand for logistics services that push the envelope of capacity and efficiency, and secondly, the pressing need to reduce the carbon footprint of port operations. Tech and innovation are emerging as the optimal tools for meeting these challenges, but the traditional nature of ports could mean that the adoption of these disruptive solutions will be slower than desired. 

The International Association of Ports and Harbours (IAPH), which represents ports all over the world and seeks to narrow the existing gaps between the different levels of port competitiveness, is working in this direction. To this end, it has drawn up the technical report “Shifting the mindset towards innovation: a set of guidelines for ports”. It is a short, practical guide explaining the positive impact that innovation can have on organisations, using specific case studies of ports that have already embarked on their own innovation journeys. 

Gadi Benmoshe, Chair of IAPH Innovation Group and Port Network Lead at Aeler Technologies; Roy Avrahami, Chief Innovation Officer at Ashdod Port Company, and Salvador Furió, Innovation & Port Cluster Development Director at Fundación Valenciaport – three of the authors of this report – will be present at Valencia Digital Summit to share their conclusions and present their views on innovation in the port sector, paying special attention to the innovation ecosystems that have been configured around these infrastructures. Pascal Ollivier, chairman of IAPH’s Data Collaboration Committee, will also be interviewed about the IAPH’s innovation working group.

In addition, as part of this forum, four startups participating in the Opentop incubator programme will present their innovation projects. Lastly, Antonio Torregrosa, General Director of the Valenciaport Foundation, will share key ideas on open innovation in the port logistics sector and how collaboration between startups and corporations is mutually beneficial.



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