The Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem has set its sights on the United States and has organised an expedition to Miami through Startup Valencia, in collaboration with Hospitality Ventures. The aim of this business mission is to promote awareness of Valencian tech companies on the East Coast of the US, as well as to give their internationalisation a boost by generating business.

In total, 15 startups will travel to Miami from the 3rd to the 9th of October and will learn about Florida’s tech and innovation ecosystem first hand. The programme includes visits to the main investment funds, banks, accelerators and other potential business partners. In addition, there will be opportunities for networking during various activities designed to connect the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem with the US market and generate synergies.

The participating startups consider the United States and Latin America to be potential markets for their products and services, as destinations in which to establish part of their company or seek investment from large funds. As to their profiles, they are tech-based companies in a growth phase that have each developed an innovative solution.

As Nacho Mas, CEO of Startup Valencia and also a participant in the mission, explains: “Valencia and Miami have a lot in common in terms of the configuration of their ecosystems and the profile of the city. At Startup Valencia we are committed to strengthening the connection between both ecosystems and this commercial expedition is a great opportunity for our entrepreneurs to explore the opportunities that the East Coast of the US has to offer”.

The 18 participating startups are Climatetrade, Climatecoin, Fresh People, GoKoan, Bhout, Reental, Ciscar, ONiAd, Shimoku, Naria, Helloprint, WeVLC, Rosita Longevity, HechicerIA, Live4life, Rookmotion, Simplr, AR Vision. They are also accompanied by representatives of Startup Valencia and investment funds such as GoHub Ventures, Genesis Ventures and Successful Fund, among others.


Valencia-Miami Connection

As of late, Miami is the city that is attracting the most capital from Latin America and the United States. After Covid, thousands of people from the tech sector in San Francisco and New York moved to Miami, boosting the geographic concentration of talent and investment. In addition, for various reasons, Latin America’s large fortunes are migrating their capital there.

Startup Valencia’s relationship with the Florida ecosystem goes back a couple of years, and numerous actions have been carried out throughout this time to strengthen this connection and highlight the work of Valencian entrepreneurs in order to make themselves known on an international level.

Last April, seven Valencian startups had the chance to participate with Startup Valencia, in collaboration with IVACE, in one of the most recognised tech events of the innovation ecosystem worldwide: eMerge Americas.

A few months earlier, within the framework of the Valencia Digital Summit 2021, the Miami Valencia Forum took place, which launched a collaboration channel between the hubs of both cities to facilitate the exchange of talent and investment and to promote international business opportunities.

Furthermore, Miami boasts one of the world’s leading Blockchain Hubs, which is also establishing business connections with Startup Valencia’s Blockchain Hub.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger