When Juan Ponce de León first arrived in what we now know as Florida in 1513, he was searching for the fabled Fountain of Youth. Today, over 500 years later, many Spaniards are turning their attention to the “Sunshine State” not for its mythical healing waters, but for the thriving business opportunities that one of the state’s most important cities, Miami, offers to entrepreneurs.

The Valencian ecosystem has had its sights set on the United States for a long time, and Miami has emerged as an attractive gateway for reflection, given the many similarities it shares with Valencia. Both cities have been acclaimed as ideal places to live and work, owing to their pleasant weather and welcoming environment. After the pandemic, Miami has become a popular destination for startups and investors, establishing itself as the new hotspot in the USA and the capital of Latin America.

With the aim of creating a real business bridge between Valencia and Miami, Startup Valencia – through Hospitality Ventures – is heading off to Miami for its second business mission that will take place from the 16th to the 22nd of April. 


Startup Mission to Miami

The mission brings together 18 startups, including Reental, GeeksHubs, Fresh People, Trazable, Oratrex, Quantic Brains, Sesame, Crowmie, ClimateTrade, Streamion, AllRead, Union Avatars, Influencity, Nymiz, Bioeutectics, Onirix, Quasar Dynamics, and EarthPulse. Collaborating entities such as Lab22, Shokworks, and Amazon support the mission. The startups aim to explore new investment opportunities, open up new markets, and expand internationally.

Startup Valencia has planned a comprehensive programme for the participating startups, aiming to facilitate their internationalisation process. Through a week-long agenda packed with meetings, they will have the opportunity to connect with key players in the entrepreneurial and investment ecosystem of Miami, including prominent investment funds, lawyers, banks, and accelerators. The program will also feature interactions with agents from ecosystems in Latin America, allowing the startups to explore business opportunities beyond the US. Furthermore, they will benefit from the first-hand experience of successful entrepreneurs who have established their businesses in Miami, such as Rosa Jiménez, head of communications at Jeeves, and Gabriel García Da Rosa, director of global development at Nowports.


Valencia-Miami Axis

Startup Valencia has been actively working to promote the connection between the Valencian and Miami ecosystems, and this mission is not their first initiative towards that goal. In October 2022, the association collaborated with Hospitality Ventures to organize a similar event, bringing together 18 Valencian startups in Miami. The objective was to showcase the innovative technology and work being developed by these companies and facilitate their entry into the US market.

In recent years, there has been a concerted effort to foster a connection between the Valencian and Florida ecosystems. One notable example is the ‘Miami Valencia Forum’, which took place during the Valencia Digital Summit 2021. It established a channel of collaboration between the two cities, aimed at facilitating the exchange of talent and investment, as well as exploring international business opportunities.

Miami and the Valencian ecosystem also share a common interest in Blockchain technology. Miami is one of the main Blockchain hubs in the world, and there are already established contacts and collaborations with Startup Valencia’s Blockchain Hub, which boasts over 50 startups.