Startup Valencia has consolidated its position in 2021 as a benchmark for the innovative and technological entrepreneurship ecosystem of the Valencian Community. The growth experienced over the past year has been exponential, resulting in an increase from 161 to 260 members. The actions aimed at turning the region into a powerful tech hub attracted close to a hundred new members who wish to contribute to making this possible. The number of partners working with Startup Valencia has also risen from 11 to 23.

As Juan Luis Hortelano, president of Startup Valencia, explains: “the association is the most important body representing the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem, and throughout 2021 it kept emerging, positioning itself as the point of reference for entrepreneurs looking to make a niche for themselves in a friendly, healthy and dynamic environment”.


Startup Valencia consolidates its position

This growth has also been reflected in the number of entities registered in the Valencian Community Startup Observatory drawn up by Startup Valencia, whose report was presented at the Oceanográfico during the fourth edition of the Valencia Digital Summit last December. According to the data from this study, the number of startups in the region stands at 1012, a 15% increase compared to 2020, and more than 50% of them operate in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and Cloud Computing. In terms of employment data, over 30% of startups employ more than 10 qualified people in their team and 57% of startups have increased their workforce in 2021. In terms of female entrepreneurship, 39% of startups have at least one female founder in the team. Another noteworthy fact is that 76% of startups are pursuing triple impact (social, environmental, and financial).

In other words, Hortelano points out that “almost five years after its foundation, Startup Valencia keeps working to reach its main goal: to represent, strengthen, and give visibility to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Valencian Community while promoting entrepreneurship, the connection to scientific and university talent and the creation of a suitable framework for digital project scaling”.


Startup Valencia consolidates its position with the Valencia Digital Summit

Furthermore, Startup Valencia has demonstrated throughout 2021 its ability to mobilise and arouse the interest of the entrepreneurial ecosystem with its activities. The Valencia Digital Summit attracted more than 10700 attendees, many of which took part virtually via streaming platforms.

As for Valencia Digital Summit 2022, which will mark the fifth edition of the tech event organised by Startup Valencia, the association expects to increase the number of attendees and also increase the percentage of international participation.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger