Startup Valencia and Demium recently brought together 10 leading startups from the Valencian entrepreneurial scene for a networking day with media representatives. The aim of this initiative was to connect both national and regional media with leading startups from the tech and innovation ecosystem in order to highlight the value of the Valencian Community as a hub for entrepreneurship.

Valencia is the third tech hub in Spain, behind Madrid and Barcelona, according to the Spanish Tech Ecosystem report prepared by Dealroom and promoted by some of the most relevant agents in the sector such as ASCRI, Endeavor, ENISA, Kibo Ventures and the High Commissioner for España Nación Emprendedora (Spain, an Entrepreneurial Nation). This same document points out that Venture Capital investment in the Valencian startup network reached €506 million between 2014 and 2021.

In addition to this, the fact that two startups of Valencian origin have recently become unicorns didn’t go unnoticed by the media. This is the case of Fever, a leading company in the digitalisation of leisure experiences founded in 2011 by 19-year-old Pep Gómez from Castellón, which in January of this year exceeded a valuation of $1 billion. This milestone was reached in a new investment round of €200 million led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Flywire, founded by the Valencian Iker Marcaide, a Board Member of Startup Valencia, passed the $1 billion mark in 2020 and was the first Spanish startup to go public on the Nasdaq in the United States in May 2021.


Featured startups in the Valencian innovation ecosystem

The Valencian ecosystem of tech and innovation companies has been flourishing for years and its growth has been exponential, therefore it’s very difficult to point out only 10 out of the more than 1,100 startups currently registered in the Valencian Community. 

For the networking day with the media, Demium selected the following 10 startups: 

Streamion is a live stream advertising technology platform. It provides a platform to launch video ads integrated into the live stream broadcast. The advertisement doesn’t interrupt the streaming and allows for a more attractive display of the ad. Its main asset is its self-created AI (Artificial Intelligence) that provides absolute brand transparency. Streamion won the ‘Best Startup Seed‘ award in the Capital4Startups Pitch Competition at the fourth edition of the Valencia Digital Summit, organised by Startup Valencia. 

Colibid allows its users to apply for a mortgage by automatically collecting all the necessary documents and allowing all banks and brokers to bid in a reverse auction. In just 4 months, the startup has managed to close a first round of funding with a valuation of €3 million

Tuvalum is reinventing the way we buy and sell bicycles online. It protects users from scams and fraud attempts by guaranteeing payment security and managing all shipments. In addition, every bike sold is checked by professional mechanics who ensure its condition and offer advice to the customer. The startup ended 2021 with a turnover of €8 million.

Talentomnia is a tech platform that revolutionises ways of working. Through AI, it generates a perfect and instantaneous match between any company and a selection of the most suitable freelancers for its projects. Its value proposition lies in three fundamental pillars: the quality of its network of pre-certified experts, the speed of its service, and its competitive cost structure. The startup closed its first pre-seed round of €100,000 in early February.

Patronus makes it easier for companies that sponsor athletes to discover new talent early, connecting them with the main sports performance platforms in pre-professional categories. They tokenise athletes’ image rights to turn them into investable assets. As they achieve sporting success, the value of their tokens increases.

Ziknes specialises in the robotic 3D printing of metal parts. They have developed both the hardware and software side, therefore offering an all-in-one product so that the end customer can apply the latest manufacturing technology to any industry in a simple and flexible way. Ziknes closed its first funding round with €222,000 in October.

Crowmie aims to enable both professional and non-professional investors to access the energy sector through a platform for investment in tokenised renewable energy projects, innovating the way capital is raised and investors are rewarded.

Syndeno provides users with the most innovative data communication tools. The business model is a B2B platform as a service (managed and hosted services) for software companies, based on Apache Kafka and other open source tools, enabling seamless scalability, real-time data analytics and significantly reduced time to market.

Esportslink is a network for Esports professionals. It is a PaaS geared towards B2B (Clubs and Brands) and B2C (players and coaches).

Yuvod is a video platform that allows small and medium-sized Internet operators to offer a TV service to their customers with live channels and on-demand content. It offers a SaaS that centralises all the necessary processes for an ISP or company in the hospitality sector to offer a quality TV service to its customers. Yuvod won the award for ‘Best Gaming / Entertainment / Esports Startup‘ at the last edition of the VLC Startup Awards, a gala hosted last December in Valencia and organised by the Valencia City Council, through València Activa and Startup Valencia.

Startup Valencia and Demium


At Startup Valencia we continue to work every day to represent the startups of the Valencian Community and to become the pacesetter for an ecosystem of tech and innovation companies, boosting the competitiveness of the Valencian economy.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger