The Valencian ecosystem has ended 2022 as a consolidated hub, with substantial growth and a strong appeal for investment. According to data from the Valencian Community’s Startup Observatory, compiled by Startup Valencia, the ecosystem saw a near 20% rise in participating entities, going from 1,297 to 1,547. This upward trend was mirrored by the startups within the ecosystem, as they welcomed 200 new tech startups, bringing their total to 1,212.

When it comes to the sectors in which these startups operate, there are two key metrics to consider. Firstly, there are the sectors that saw significant growth throughout 2022 and secondly, those with the largest concentration of startups. This first metric provides a snapshot of the ecosystem’s evolution and may foreshadow which sectors or trends will be prominent in 2023.

In 2022, the Human Resources and Talent sector saw the largest growth, with a 23% increase in the number of startups. Coming in close second was the Content and Media sector, which recorded a 21.88% growth. 

The top five sectors with the most startup activity were rounded out by SportsTech, Social Impact, and Education, with growth rates of 19.05%, 15.28%, and 13.85% respectively.

When it comes to sectors with the highest concentration of startups, the Valencian ecosystem finished the year with over 13% of tech companies dedicated to software development, nearly 8% in the mobile/app space, and 7.58% in the health and wellness sector. In terms of tech growth, Virtual and Augmented Reality saw an impressive increase of almost 22% while Blockchain grew by 13.85%. Blockchain is the most developed technology among Valencian startups, accounting for 18.65% of companies, followed by connectivity and 5G, reflecting the companies’ need for digitalization in the past year.

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Strategic sectors in the Valencian Region

The Valencian Community boasts several strategic sectors where the entities of its tech and innovation ecosystem are excelling and presenting innovative solutions. During the Valencia Digital Summit 2022, exclusive forums were dedicated to these fields. For example, the aerospace sector, where AEROCAS established a hub for the execution of business ventures and the advancement of R&D initiatives. 

The Ports and Logistics sector is also leveraging technology and innovation to address pressing challenges such as increasing efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger