In the realm of the Internet’s past, virtually every emerging tech startup fell into one of the following categories: a social network, messaging app, information search engine, or content download tool. As if maturing with time, the current entrepreneurial ecosystem has evolved to recognise the need to provide solutions to today’s major problems.

It is hard to think of a more pressing issue today than sustainability. When measured by its market impact, it affects the entire global population. In terms of urgency, its effects are already evident, with a prevailing scientific consensus that immediate action must be taken before such effects become irreversible. Hence, it comes as no surprise that in 2022, Europe witnessed investments of a staggering €21 billion in startups dedicated to addressing sustainability challenges.

Only in Spain, there are 750 startups actively engaged in developing sustainability-focused solutions, as revealed in the ‘Map of the Cleantech Ecosystem in Spain 2023‘, a collaborative initiative by ICEX and El Referente. These pioneering companies are directing their efforts toward sectors such as mobility, agriculture, energy, water and construction. Furthermore, the report underlines the significance of the Valencian Community as the third leading Spanish ecosystem in the Cleantech domain.

In the case of the Valencian startup ecosystem, the drive for sustainability is twofold. First and foremost, there’s a profound commitment to addressing the global challenge of minimising our impact on the planet. This is paired with a self-imposed responsibility to uphold their recognition as the ‘Best City in the World to Live in‘, as bestowed by Forbes – an accolade undoubtedly worth preserving. For these two reasons, the success of Valencia’s Cleantech companies holds tremendous significance for all. The following are the leading Valencian startups in the Sustainability sector:


Top Valencian Sustainability Startups

ADBioplastics. Pioneer in the development of biodegradable plastics derived from materials such as corn, sugar beet or sugar cane. The company is dedicated to advancing sustainability in the food, cosmetics, and textiles industries.

Climatecoin. A digital investment platform for high-impact sustainability and decarbonisation projects.

ClimateTrade. A comprehensive marketplace enabling companies to offset their carbon footprint, featuring tools ranging from emissions calculators to sustainable project investments.

Climate17. A leading sustainability talent specialist, providing recruitment services to large companies seeking energy efficiency and sustainability experts for their projects and initiatives.

CoCircular. An initiative created with the mission of diverting waste away from landfills, helping construction companies optimise costs, demonstrating waste traceability, and advancing towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Cramik. Cutting-edge ceramic technology, with a patented design and produced with special polymers, designed for extreme and intensive use in sectors such as aeronautics or telecommunications.

Crowmie. A tokenised investment platform revolutionising renewable energy projects, enabling users to diversify their portfolio beyond conventional funds and stocks.

Designable. A digital home design tool, empowering users to create sustainable, energy-efficient living spaces through advanced technology and eco-friendly materials.

Enerlind. Pioneering window blinds with solar panels in order to capture energy from the sun. The company was named ‘Best Cleantech Startup’ at the 2022 VLC Startup Awards.

Gaia Green Tech. A network of electric vehicle charging points, offering end-to-end solutions for companies and organisations, including planning, installation, and maintenance.

Green Urban Data. A SaaS platform enabling informed environmental decision-making by leveraging data collected by the platform, such as noise pollution, areas with more shade, plot conditions, and CO2 levels, among other parameters.

Kukai Energy. Decarbonisation solutions for companies aiming to shrink their carbon footprint and implement innovative circular economy practices by repurposing their waste.

Linkener. A startup offering a comprehensive solution to measure, manage and quantify the inefficiencies of a company’s energy system, with turnkey solutions that allow users to take action from the platform itself through the latest hardware and software technologies.

Miivo Mobility. A mobile app that centralises all urban mobility options in a single interface. Advantages include credit top-ups, price and travel option comparisons, and the convenience of leaving physical cards behind.

Movelso. Introducing a compact, zero-emission vehicle with high storage capacity and an integrated renewable energy station. It’s the future of mobility, proudly made in Valencia and available today.

Neowise. Experts in photovoltaic solutions and intelligent renewable energy management, this company offers a comprehensive 360° service, covering everything from the initial study and engineering to maintenance.

Night Way. R&D applied to new construction materials, such as its current range of ultra-photoluminescent products known for their exceptional resistance and durability.

Passive Shower. Revolutionising showers with a heat recovery system integrated into the shower floor, transforming a conventional element into an energy-saving tool that recaptures heat from wasted water to heat cold water.

Sunalizer. A comprehensive solar energy installer search engine and comparison platform, simplifying the decision-making process for homeowners looking to install solar panels.

Tornasol Energy. Empowering and democratising energy self-consumption through an easily-installable solar energy kit.


Additional sustainable initiatives with a Valencian hallmark

Apart from tech and innovation, the battle against global warming can also be waged through small actions and by reimagining the way we design our neighbourhoods and cities. Two other sustainability initiatives in Valencia exemplify this approach:

Barrio La Pinada. Spain’s first eco-neighbourhood, brought to life through a collaborative effort of its very residents. This project is characterised by sustainable architecture, lush green areas, educational and knowledge-sharing spaces, and the centrepiece of innovation in sustainability – La Pinada Lab. At its helm is Iker Marcaide, founder of Flywire.

One Clean Meter. A non-profit organisation dedicated to combating plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, with a primary focus on Valencian beaches. They organise regular cleanups and are actively working on developing a mobile app to expand their community and streamline their activities.

The Valencian tech & innovation ecosystem hosts a wide array of startups operating in some of today’s most prominent sectors. Alongside the Cleantech startups mentioned earlier, there are also leading startups in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Mobility – all fields that are set to play a central role in VDS2023.