The fact that Valencia is a modern and welcoming city and has been declared the healthiest in the world, with open-minded inhabitants and a rich culture, is clear from the moment you set foot in it. What’s more, it has retained its title as the healthiest city in the world to live in 2022 and has therefore been named so not just once, but twice in a row.

According to a study carried out by the British platform, the city on the banks of the River Turia tops the ranking of all the cities in the world. Madrid, Canberra, Lisbon, and Tokyo complete the top 5.

The list takes into account different factors such as the life expectancy of its inhabitants, healthcare costs, air pollution, obesity rates, safety and hours of sunlight.


What does Valencia have?

According to Money’s 2022 data, Valencia has everything it takes to win the title of the world’s healthiest city for the second year in a row. “Boasting possibly the best paella in the world and some glorious weather, the city also has low pollution rates and very good healthcare. Life expectancy is high at 83.5, giving residents a long life to enjoy all the offerings Valencia holds. The musical and cultural heritage of the city is rich, and residents there put a strong emphasis on social connection, leading to a very healthy work-life balance“, the report notes.


Valencia, the healthiest city in the world in 2022



Mediterranean flair

The city’s climate, with an average annual temperature of 17 degrees, its 2696 hours of sunlight per year, and its proximity to the sea are some of the aspects that have propelled the city to the top of the world ranking of healthy cities. The climate encourages people to spend time outdoors, socialise and take in those rays of sunshine that help synthesise vitamin D so well.

In addition to this, the city exhibits a low level of pollution compared to other large Spanish regional capitals. Its numerous green areas, 142 kilometres of cycle lanes and over 15000 bicycle parking spaces, plus the Mediterranean breeze that caresses the 109 kilometre-long coastline, all contribute to maintaining good air quality.


Valencia the healthiest city in the world in 2022

A distinctly Mediterranean gastronomy with more than 6000 restaurants and a close proximity to the huertas – communal vegetable gardens common in Spain and Portugal – make its residents’ diets rich in fresh and nutritious products. All of these factors translate into a lower risk of disease and a life expectancy of 83.5 years.

Moreover, life in Valencia is not only long, but also pleasant and culturally interesting. The city has 48 museums and exhibition halls, such as the City of Arts and Sciences, over 30 concert halls, hosts more than 20 art, music, and theatre festivals, and has numerous spaces dotted around the city in which to spend a pleasant moment of leisure, promoting an urban and active lifestyle.


Why start a business in Valencia?

Valencia has an international airport with connections to Paris, London, Berlin and Moscow, it has the Mediterranean’s main commercial port, it’s two and a half hours away from Barcelona by train and only one and a half from Madrid.

With 17 accelerators, 12 incubators and, according to the Startup Observatory of the Valencian Community, 1012 startups registered in the region managing an investment of over 200 million euros a year, Valencia is the perfect region for entrepreneurship.

The city has more than 30 investor funds, more than 20 coworking spaces and more than 100 tech events per year, including Valencia Digital Summit: the main tech event of the Valencian Community and an international meeting point for entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and investors, which aims to attract and retain talent and investment, foster alliances between ecosystems worldwide, and position the Valencian Community as an international tech hub of reference.

A highly competitive education system, more than 15 top international schools, 2 top public universities and 6 private universities where more than 3,500 engineers and developers graduate every year, make Valencia the best Erasmus destination for today’s youth, who will become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Valencia is the healthiest city in the world in 2022, for the second time running, and it has everything to remain so for many years to come.



Working together
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Working together
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