Helloprint, the Dutch/Spanish leading marketplace for customised printed products and their connected companies, joins Startup Valencia. The group chose Valencia already 8 years ago as their main city in Europe to rapidly develop innovative services and develop new, innovative technology companies.

Helloprint and their connected companies are becoming a new Corporate Partner of Startup Valencia. Their aim is connecting with the Valencian innovative scene and promote it by providing startups with tools and services that facilitate their internationalisation. This collaboration will begin with the involvement of Helloprint as an advisor in the hackathon The Challenge of Valencia Digital Summit 2022, a reference technological event in the Valencian Community that will be held from October 24 to 26 in the City of Arts and Sciences, where Helloprint and their connected companies will also exhibit its advanced solutions at a stand in the expo area.

Why Helloprint joins Startup Valencia

For Juan Luis Hortelano, President of Startup Valencia, “the addition of this new collaboration, with a prestigious number of companies with an international presence such as Helloprint, reinforces Valencia’s position as a world-class technological hub and enriches our ecosystem by sharing its experience and business culture”.

“We chose Valencia many years ago as our main hub for international and innovative expansion”, says Hans Scheffer, CEO and Founder of Helloprint. “Currently, our Valencia operation is much bigger than our headquarters in The Netherland, which means that we are massively increasing our growth ambitions in Valencia. For us, that always goes hand-in-hand with helping the local ecosystem develop and paying back to the community that helps us grow.  With the collaboration with Startup Valencia,  we are going to support startups going through the same process that we have been years ago. Startup Valencia is the right partner to do so, since they have the feet in the Valencian ecosystem ground and will allow us to advise and mentor new companies with the same passion for internationalisation as we have.”


Internal ecosystem of entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurs behind Helloprint have built a variety of companies in the last years with a local presence in Valencia. Their largest is Helloprint itself, the world’s largest marketplace for customised printed products. The technology firm has a presence in 21 countries through a network of more than 221 local partners and is not owning any printing presses themselves.

Other remarkable startups from the group with the grounds in Valencia are weWow, which provides first class customer experience to fast-growing international scale-ups; weVLC, which is changing the co-living model for expats and young international mindset professionals who want to live in sunny Valencia and have an unforgettable experience; and it’s brand new Labelnone, the performance marketing dark kitchen that delivers in-house trained and developed marketing professionals to support other agencies growth.

“We strongly believe in the power of entrepreneurship, and we want to encourage people to become the best entrepreneurial version of themselves”, says Hans Scheffer. “Therefore, we’re very pleased to join Startup Valencia and do our fair share to help the Valencian ecosystem accelerate its growth”.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger