Prominent investment funds operating in Valencia gathered yesterday, Wednesday the 13th of September, for an event titled ‘On the Way to Scaleup – Investors Edition’. This meeting, jointly organised by Wayra and Startup Valencia, centred on the perspective of investors and provided attendees a unique opportunity to gain insights into the key players in the sector, their journeys, and the challenges faced by the companies in their portfolios when scaling.

The event took place at wayCO Cabanyal and featured the participation of notable figures in the industry, including Marta Antúnez, Director of Wayra Barcelona; Inés Calabuig, Managing Partner at GoHub Ventures; Javier de Toro, Investment Manager at Angels Capital; and Luz Adell, Partner at DraperB1. The discussion was moderated by Javier Alcalá, Head of Scouting & VC Ecosystem at Wayra Barcelona.

During the discussion, led by Karina Virrueta, Head of Ecosystem Development at Startup Valencia, the experts delved into the most common situations that companies encounter when scaling. They also explained the pivotal role played by investment funds in this critical stage of growth.

‘On the way to scaleup’ is a series of gatherings organised by Wayra and Startup Valencia, designed for startups and investors to come together and exchange insights and hurdles encountered during the scaling-up phase. The discussions encompass a wide range of topics such as funding, strategic planning, global expansion, collaboration with corporate entities, talent acquisition, and cultivating a company culture, among others.