Take part in our community: share experiences, let others know you and feel represented.

Improve your knowledge and skills through workshops, keynotes and meetups.

Outstanding presence in the Valencian Community Startup Observatory.

Direct contact with our associates, partners, stakeholders and other players in the sector.

Get local and international networking opportunities.

Direct connection with accelerators, business angels, investors and VC.

Contact successful entrepreneurs.

Participate in Digital Summit.

Attract talent for your startup through direct contacts at schools and universities.

Attend and participate in projects organized by Startup Valencia.

Preferential access to workplaces and coworkings in our network.

Discounts and exclusive access to products and services offered by Startup Valencia’s members and partners as well as external collaborators.

PERKSFrom members to members

If you want to offer perks to Startup Valencia members, contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org

Aktion Legal Partners

Do you like gifts? 🎁 Aktion, the law firm of reference for startups, investors and corporates, goes all out and has decided to give all the startups of the association a customized consulting service.

To schedule a meeting with their team, please contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org.


The company Dekalabs, specialized in digitization and digital projects development, offers a first contact with a consultant from its technical department free of charge.

In this meeting, the company’s processes, tools and personnel, among others, will be reviewed. If you choose to hire their consulting services and you are also a member of Startup Valencia, you can benefit from a 10% discount that will be available for 30 days after sending the proposal.

Contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org for more information.

Fit Jeff

Do you want to try Fit Jeff’s Yoga, Pilates, HIIT and Functional classes? 🧘‍♀️ For being a member of Startup Valencia you will have a 10% discount in any of the centers that the startup has spread throughout Spain. Jeff also offers B2B plans so that all employees in your company feel Fit.

Request a trial class online or in person with no obligation by sending an email to hello@startupvalencia.org and start enjoying Fit Jeff’s services. 🏋

Fresh People

Fresh People 🍍, specialized in people management and recruitment for startups, brings two exclusive advantages for you:

▪7% discount on any of its services: Fresh Management and Fresh Recruiting.
▪Free session of 1h of strategic consulting with its CEO, Jose Burgos.

Schedule a meeting with him by contacting us at hello@startupvalencia.org.

SpeedOut Advisory

The strategy, finance and innovation consulting firm for corporates, family offices and startups SpeedOut aims to accompany company founders during all phases of maturity by advising them on transactions and strategic definition, corporate development, finance and leadership both in the initial phase of startups and SMEs and on their way to consolidation.

💻 Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org to enjoy a free session with the SpeedOut team exclusively for Startup Valencia members.

Transparent Edge Services

Transparent Edge Services offers a discount of up to 20% on platform and security consulting, administration, support and monitoring services to boost your project and they also give you up to 6,000 € or one year of credit on the following products:

▪Edge Distribute Content and Security
▪Edge Transcoding Services

Just send an email to 👉 startup@transparentedge.eu to activate this exclusive perk for Startup Valencia members.

Ângela Impact Economy

Ângela creates synaptic connections between the different economic agents and they are providers of solutions to social and environmental challenges, to turn organizations into value generators for all and to create value and positive impact. ♻

As a member of Startup Valencia you can enjoy a 15% discount on all its services. Contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org to benefit from this advantage.

Animal Mood

Animal Mood is a Valencian brand of beauty and wellness for dogs that wants to revolutionize the animal sector by solving and improving small problems on a daily basis with innovative products and formulations designed for them.

If you’re a #doglover too, you’re in luck! 🐶 We have a 20% discount on ALL products on the web only for Startup Valencia members.

Contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org for more information.


BeSukha, the company that seeks to create opportunities to develop Emotional Intelligence in young people through activities and social interaction, has designed 4 face-to-face workshops and 1 virtual for teenagers between 12 and 18 years old who want to spend this summer getting to know themselves better.

As a member of Startup Valencia, you can get a 10% discount on any of its workshops by entering here.


Get your 10% discount on any Bounsel plan, the solution for the comprehensive management of your documents in the cloud. Automate and sign your contracts in a flash!

Contact us to receive your discount at sales@bounsel.com.


Camillion is the video slack on your mobile that helps you have conversations with your team easily and quickly through audio and video messaging. Enjoy a 3-month free trial and start reducing the number of emails and video calls, and adapt your work to your way of life by sending intelligent messages asynchronously.

In addition, as a member of Startup Valencia you can enjoy a 50% discount . If you want to activate this exclusive perk for members, just contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org.

Consultia Travel

Consultia Travel is the business travel company that offers a comprehensive management of the needs of your organization through a proprietary software platform in the cloud, all under the umbrella of a personal manager who advises and accompanies you during and after traveling.

Now, if you are a member of Startup Valencia, you can enjoy these exclusive advantages:

▪Request more information and receive a free demo
Reduced fees for Startup Valencia members, until the end of the year 2021.
5% discount for all employees on personal travel packages for the company team.

Interested? Contact us by sending an email to hello@startupvalencia.org.


Declarando is the online tax consultancy that has already helped 80.000 Spanish freelancers to save more than 20 million euros in taxes. How do they do it?

▪They save you time automating your accounting.
▪They make you present your annual and quarterly taxes in 2 clicks.
▪They make you forget about making mistakes with the tax authorities.

There’s even more! If you are a member of Startup Valencia, you are in luck. Get a free consultancy valued at 60€ in which they will solve all your doubts. Just send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org to benefit from this exclusive advantage.

DM School

Get trained in Digital Marketing with DM School! 👉 The professional school specialized in digital marketing has launched a new master in Valencia taught by the best professionals in Spain and with super small groups (20 students maximum).

Take advantage of the 10% discount* exclusive for Startup Valencia associates; just contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org and indicate your name and company.

*Discount not combinable with other offers


Edify is an apartment sales platform in Valencia that, through virtual reality, digitization of spaces and big data, budgets reforms in real time.

The technological revolution bursts into the real estate market thanks to Edify, which offers a unique buying experience to its customers.

If you are a member of Startup Valencia, you are in luck! Enjoy a €1,000 discount on their home buying advice services by sending an email to hello@startupvalencia.org.


Edinn, the open platform to manage, control and optimize your processes with real-time information, brings you these benefits:

For any startup:
10% discount on all edinn licenses.
5% discount on services.

For those startups whose projects are evaluated by an edinn committee and considered strategic according to the mission and vision of edinn:
Up to 25.000 € in rental of edinn licenses.
Up to 3.000 € in edinn expert support.

Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org to benefit from these advantages.


Emendu offers high-performance devices, such as computers, mobiles, screens and tablets, for a monthly subscription, without large permanencies and with insurance included.
With Emendu you can:

▪Offer your team the latest technology in laptops such as MacBooks, MSI or any other device they need to take their productivity to the next level.

▪Have the possibility of applying tax advantages typical of hiring a leasing service and adapt to the growth needs of your team.

As a member of Startup Valencia, get a 5% discount forever on all your first order subscriptions. Send us an email to business@emendu.com or complete the form here indicating that you are a member of Startup Valencia and we will be happy to attend your request.


Through bio information and with a simple hair sample, Epixlife provides you with a 100% personalized nutritional plan , based on more than 96 indicators of the expression of your genes 🧬

By belonging to Startup Valencia you will have a 20% discount on all Epixlife tests which, added to the 40% already available, makes a 60% discount in total.

Just send an email to miquel@epixlife.com or 📲 send a WhatsApp to 623 296 848 indicating that you are a member of Startup Valencia.

G20 Corporation

Haven’t you heard about ‘Self Booking Tool‘ by G20 Corporation yet?

It is a multiplatform where you can book all your travel products (flights, hotels, insurance, additional services…), with the entire hotel offer of the main reservation centers and hotel chains.

All this by automating the online pre-trip request and approval process to achieve 100% personalized users.

Now, as a member of Startup Valencia, you can enjoy this unique product with the following exclusive advantages:

▪Free registration in the system
▪Free service fee for the first 6 months
▪Free online training

Interested? Send an email to r.baeza@g20corporation.com or contact by calling +34 664 67 63 01.


Gorillas, the app that brings you your grocery shopping at home in less than 10 minutes, offers two exclusive advantages to Startup Valencia members:

10€ discount on your first order
20% discount on your first four orders

Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org and start shopping at home with Gorillas 🛒


The leading talent agency in selection for technology companies Growara brings two exclusive perks for Startup Valencia partners 🤩.

▪A free consulting session with Julio Braceli, CEO and Founder of Growara.
▪A 15% discount on the Specialist IT Recruitment Course.
▪A 10% discount on Growara Academy.

Interested? 📧 Send an email to hello@growara.com indicating your name, position and company to benefit from both advantages.

Hack a Boss

Become a Full Stack Developer from scratch in just 16 weeks and learn the most demanded technical skills by the market.

☑️ Working professionals.
☑️ More than 120 collaborating companies.
☑️ More than 450 students have already trained with us.
☑️ Learn the keys to successfully pass a job interview.

HACK A BOSS also has an educational funding agreement with several financial institutions through which students who want to take one of our Bootcamps will not have to pay anything until they find a job!

If you are a member of Startup Valencia, you can enjoy a 10% discount. Interested? 📧 Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org and take advantage of this exclusive benefit.

Ingeniero de Patentes

Miguel García-Cano is a Patent Engineer who has more than 16 years of experience managing patent departments in agencies and providing preventive solutions and possibilities for future actions.

If you are interested in any of these services, contact Miguel-García Cano by sending an email to miguel@ingenierodepatentes.es and benefit from a first contact at zero cost exclusively for Startup Valencia members.


Kleta offers you your own bike without worries for a monthly subscription from 19,80€. Home maintenance and anti-theft warranty included.

Now, for being a Startup Valencia member, benefit from a 20% discount to try for 1 or 3 months how it feels to go to work by bike.

If you are interested, contact us by sending an email to hello@startupvalencia.org.


Lucera, the first independent electricity and gas marketer that offers its customers energy at market price , found that during the confinement, electricity consumption during the week increased by 20% compared to previous weeks.

Therefore, Lucera offers energy at cost price and, if you contract it online, you will have your first four installments FREE .

Find out more information about this promotion by sending an email to hello@startupvalencia.org.

Mas Ingenieros

Mas Ingenieros, the leading company in industrial automation, brings 1h of free consulting in digital transformation, Industry 4.0 and Smart Automation for Startup Valencia members.

Are you interested? Take advantage of this exclusive benefit and schedule a session with one of their technicians here.


Monolegal integrates part of its team specialized in software development in projects of companies that have software as a service and require expert advice. Present in Spain since 2020, it is on its way to becoming an exponential (scale) organization.

If you are a Startup Valencia associate and you are interested, Monolegal offers a 2-week software development sprint without any cost or commitment .

Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org to schedule a pre-approach meeting in which the IT or systems manager of your company must participate.


Nuwe is a recruitment platform that helps companies reduce the time and cost of their selection processes thanks to its IT talent acquisition and validation system. 💻

If you are looking for validated IT profiles for your company, you are in luck! Nuwe offers a 20% discount to Startup Valencia members on any of its services.

Just contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org and we will inform you.

Orts Consultores

Orts Consultores, the firm specialized in Internet law, offers a 20% discount on all services to Startup Valencia members.

In addition, all associates will be able to enjoy a free legal compliance analysis of your website with a report of recommendations.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to hello@startupvalencia.org to enjoy both advantages.


Privasee is the platform that helps you comply with the European data protection regulation. By answering a couple of questions you can have:

▪ Complete inventory of your data
▪ GDPR certificate
▪ Privacy Portal of your website always up to date and ready to share

Its price is 49€ per month, but now, for being a member of Startup Valencia, enjoy the first month totally free.

Interested? Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org and we will tell you how to get it.


Reportaro helps journalists and content generators find available sources for their articles.

Using Reportaro:

▪You will reduce the time you spend looking for subject matter experts for the content you are going to publish.
▪You will increase the rigor of your content.

As a member of Startup Valencia you have free access to the Reportaro platform, just contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org.

Already have a Reportaro account and want to benefit from this discount? Write us to the same email adress and they will manage the change to the free plan .


Talenteal, the leading company in agility and technological talent, offers a free strategic advisory session with Verónica Aldazosa, CEO and Founder.

In addition, as a member of Startup Valencia, you can enjoy the following benefits:

10% discount on its certified trainings: Agile Recruiting (how to select tech talent) and Agile Talent Development (how to retain tech talent).
10% discount on in-company trainings.
5% discount on the preparation of the report: Hard and softskills diagnosis of tech talent.

If you are interested, send an email to talenteal@talenteal.com.


Talentoo, the startup that is digitizing the candidate selection sector, launches a very interesting promotion if you are hiring professionals for your team.

You can publish your job offers and receive cv’s interviewed by recruitment companies and headhunters. Publish your vacancy for free, pay only if you incorporate and set the price you want to pay.

As a member of Startup Valencia, Talentoo gives you 10% of that amount on the first job offer you publish. To activate the promotion or to learn more, contact at info@talentoo.net.

Tornasol Energy

Tornasol Energy is your solar self-consumption kit that does not need installation or permits.

Save an average of 30% on your electricity bill while combating climate change thanks to its light and flexible kits that adapt to balconies, terraces, awnings, vans or boats. Simply place your panels, connect the kit to any socket and ready, the energy generated is injected into the grid of your home to power the appliances you are using.

As a member of Startup Valencia, benefit from a 15% discount. Interested? Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org and we will tell you how to get it.

Welcome to the democratization of solar energy!

PERKSOther benefits and discounts

If you want to offer any perk to Startup Valencia members, contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org

Amazon Web Services

Do you want to be part of Amazon Web Services’ exclusive Activate for Startups program? 

You will be able to enjoy the following benefits👇.

▪ $5,000 in AWS credits to be consumed in 24 months

▪ $1,500 in Business Support

▪ Go-to-market, global media and PR spotlight support programs

▪Support and financial resources for migrating existing loads from another cloud provider, or on-premise, to AWS

Contact us by sending an email to hello@startupvalencia.org to activate this promotion.

Asociación Española de Startups

The Spanish Startup Association, an entity that aims to create and grow startups in Spain and Europe, brings an exclusive advantage for Startup Valencia members.

If you are a startup, get 1 year free membership (usual price is €9.99 per month).

Are you interested? Contact us by sending an email to hello@startupvalencia.org to get your coupon and register here.

Big Ban

Big Ban, the national, private and independent association of investors that connects capital with startups, celebrates for the seventh consecutive year its National Congress of Business Angels in Valencia on November 24 and 25. Do you want to attend?

As a member of Startup Valencia, enjoy a 40% discount on your ticket only until November 10th.

If you are interested, contact us by sending an email to hello@startupvalencia.org and don’t miss it.

Built Agile Bootcamp

Do you want to become an Agile Coach? Take the first step towards Agile transformation in your company with this innovative format of intensive and face-to-face training aimed at managers, middle managers and technical profiles (STEM) organized by Built Agile. 

As a member of Startup Valencia, you can benefit from a 20% discount on the next bootcamps in April and September 2021. For more information contact Built Agile by sending an email to agile@builtagile.com or by calling 661 786 620. 

Cámara de Comercio de Valencia

The Valencia Chamber of Commerce offers Startup Valencia members the following special discounts on training courses at the Lluís Vives Business School:

▪ Tailor-made training for companies: 20% on the total price of the course.

▪ Refresher courses: 10% of the tuition fee

▪ Management/Specialization courses: 5% of tuition fee

▪ Master and Postgraduate courses: 5% of the tuition fee

📨 Email us at hello@startupvalencia.org for more information.

ENIIT | Máster en Creación de Startups en la era de la Digitalización

ENIIT Business School, specialized in Big Data, cybersecurity, Blockchain, robotics and digital production, offers a discount of 10% for Startup Valencia members in the Master in Startup Creation in the Age of Digitalization.

A 100% online master’s degree, certified by the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes and carried out in collaboration with Metxa, the first accelerator located in the Basque Country, to train future startup creators.

Get your discount code by sending an email to 👉 veronica.arranz@eniit.es.

EU-India Innocenter

Do you want 30 minutes of free consultancy with an internationalisation expert? The EU-India Innovation Center, prepares European startups to launch and expand their activities in India, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, supporting their market entry strategies and creating a solid local network.

Get a 30 minutes free consultation to understand if you are ready for international expansion and how to take the first steps. Contact rodrigo@uglobally.com and get ready to start your journey!


The technology platform Fixenova helps users to carry out repairs and/or renovations in their homes safely and confidently. The startup, incubated by Lanzadera, will help you find trusted professionals in a simple and safe way for your home repairs.

For being a member of Startup Valencia you will have a 15% discount on all services offered by Fixenova. Check them out!


On Business is the Iberia program that will help you save on your business flights by accumulating points redeemable for flights and upgrades and offering exclusive discounts on your trips ✈

Now, as a member of Startup Valencia, get 1,500 On Business points as a welcome gift just for registering. Interested? Send us an email to hello@startupvalencia.org to get the promotional code.


The U.S. multinational IBM has launched the Startup with IBM’ program to help technology-based projects embark on a new path of transformative growth. 

The company offers $120,000 in IBM Cloud credits with which you can access different services offered by the company and thus get your startup off the ground. Sign up here and get your free IBM Cloud credits.


One.com is one of the leading companies in Europe within the provision of domain names and sales of web hosting services – having more than 1,500,000 customers in 149 countries.

Website tools, hosting and personalized email all in one place – simple, flexible, and user-friendly.

Now, as a Startup Valencia member, you get:

▪ Free domain
▪ 12 months free domain registration
▪ 12 months free hosting, Explorer
▪ Create email accounts based on the domain name
▪ Free setup and installation.
▪ Wordpress with 1-click installation
▪ Access to use our Website Builder and Webshop Builder
▪ SSL-certificate
… And much more

Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org and we will tell you how to benefit.


Do you want your startup to be an SDG-focused organization that is also more profitable?

Re-Creándote helps you to obtain greater profitability in your business, focusing on the welfare of your staff, your customers, suppliers, the environment and yourself.

By being a member of Startup Valencia you will have a free diagnosis and proposal of actions. In addition, we will help you to obtain FUNDAE bonuses for the training you need.

Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org and request an online or face-to-face interview.


📲 Snapchat will be sharing media coupons up to €5k* between our associates and partners to help to test their advertising solutions.

The company has 265 million DAUs, they reach over 110 million users in the United States and over 120 million users in Europe – watch this video to learn more. From a global perspective, they are considered a very relevant marketing channel and are part of the marketing mix of some of the biggest DTC brands (Direct-To-Consumer) in the world – you can check more here.

Because of their audience characteristics, they’ll be rolling out this to associates and partners doing performance marketing / paid social media in export markets like the USA, France and UK, among others. 

If you want to apply for this please fill out 👉 this form. In the 1st phase of our partnership, Snapchat will provide a white glove onboarding experience + free media coupon for up to 5 brands only for the moment, so don’t miss out on this opportunity!

*Coupon values may vary between €1k-€5k depending on the potential of collaboration.


Start using Stripe, the platform that simplifies your payments, transfers and commercial activities on the Internet. Stripe makes it easy to manage your business so you can focus your efforts on developing and scaling your startup.

Interested? We have an exclusive discount for Startup Valencia members. Send an email to hello@startupvalencia.org 📩


Is your Startup growing and you need to be able to communicate in English? Teachify specialises in helping your business ideas become a great success without linguistic barriers. We offer you the opportunity to perfect your English so you can focus on your startup. #TeachifyYourLife!

Free Business English Masterclass (online).
10% discount on group sessions.
10% discount on private 1-2-1 sessions with compete flexibility.

Are you interested? Contact us at hello@startupvalencia.org 📩