Founded in 2015 under the name Mr. Jeff, Jeff is an internationally known Valencian startup that has managed, through a franchise model, to become the first omnichannel ecosystem for day to day services.

The startup, which has presence in 35 countries, offers entrepreneurs their own “Business in a Box” system, which includes comprehensive solutions and unique technology to help them establish their business under the company’s guidance. The end users can pay for laundry and dry cleaning services, use fitness and coworking spaces, and even order coffee according to their convenience and needs all through a single application, the Jeff App.

These are the company’s current verticals:

– Mr Jeff: home-delivered laundry services.
– Beauty Jeff: hair and nail care services at different salons.
– Fit Jeff: unlimited yoga, pilates, HIIT and functional training classes, both in person and online.
– Relax Jeff: massage services at different centres.
– Jeff Works: coworking spaces that provide an open and collaborative workspace for entrepreneurs and freelancers.
– Coffee Jeff: take-away coffee shops.