The tech and innovation ecosystems of Valencia and Miami share numerous similarities in terms of their evolution, context, and size. This connection has led to the establishment of a business bridge, which has been serving as a gateway for European startups to access the United States and Latin American markets, while also providing American startups with direct entry into the European market.

Startup Valencia has actively organised and collaborated on activities and missions to Miami, aiming to introduce Valencian startups to the US ecosystem. Within the framework of VDS in December 2021, the ‘Miami Valencia Forum‘ was organised, generating significant interest on both sides of the Atlantic. Building on this, in April 2022, with the support of IVACE and ICEX, Startup Valencia facilitated the participation of seven Valencian startups in eMerge Americas, the leading tech event in Miami that convenes experts from the global tech entrepreneurship sector.

In October 2022, a business mission organised by Hospitality Ventures in collaboration with Startup Valencia brought together an additional 18 Valencian startups. More recently, in April 2023, Miami witnessed the arrival of 40 companies from the Valencian ecosystem, comprising a mix of startups and other agents.

During this third entrepreneurial expedition, over 300 members of the Miami ecosystem had the opportunity to engage with participants from the Valencian expedition. With a carefully planned agenda, the companies were able to connect with American and Latin American investment funds, successful entrepreneurs based in Miami, as well as renowned professionals in the legal and banking sectors, who provided valuable advice on growing their businesses in America.


La Terminal: The new tech hub of the Valencian ecosystem

These types of missions are enriching for all parties involved, as they multiply business opportunities by establishing connections and collaborations between different ecosystems. So, why don’t we initiate them on our own turf?

The first quarter of 2024 will mark the inauguration of La Terminal, the tech hub promoted by Startup Valencia and located in La Marina, which will represent an investment of over three million euros for Valencia Innovation District, the company awarded the 35-year concession. Its partners include Ángela Pérez, Founder of Health in Code; Iker Marcaide, Founder of Zubi Group; Quique Calabuig, Founder of Kaiho Capital; Ricardo Orts, architect and industrial engineer of the project; Isabel Úbeda, Founder of Inversiones L’Anella; Raúl Mir, Founder of Ángela IE, and the Valencian Startup Association.

Situated adjacent to the Clock Building in the heart of Valencia’s innovation district, this expansive space will cover over 5,000 square metres and will house over 500 highly skilled professionals. It will serve as a centre for fostering open innovation projects, and above all, it will establish the Valencia brand as a leading tech hub on a local, national and global scale.

La Terminal will attract international expeditions and delegations and will showcase our ecosystem, the endeavours of our entrepreneurs, the talent that is being nurtured in the region, and the disruptive and cutting-edge projects that are being developed. Startups and investors from across the globe, as well as multinationals and other agents that can inspire us or with whom we can establish commercial partnerships, will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the inner workings of our ecosystem.

Furthermore, meetings and gatherings will be held with representatives of other tech ecosystems. It will serve as the starting point for the business bridge connecting Miami and Valencia, acting as a port of departure for collaboration and exchange, as well as a gateway to Europe for Latin American and American entrepreneurs.


VDS puts Valencia’s innovative ecosystem on the world map

Valencia Digital Summit, the Valencian region’s flagship tech event that has positioned itself as a global benchmark and is already attracting intercontinental talent and investment, will serve as a showcase for the new tech hub. Through its five editions, VDS has effectively placed the region on the international map and brought significant visibility to the work being done within its innovative framework, attracting foreign investment and garnering the interest of corporations worldwide.

Efforts have been made to strengthen the connection across the Atlantic through the ‘Miami Valencia Forum‘, which established a collaboration channel between the two cities, enabling the exchange of talent and investment and the exploration of international business opportunities.

The upcoming sixth edition of Valencia Digital Summit, to be held from the 26th to the 27th of October at the City of Arts and Sciences, presents a new opportunity to catch the eye of the US and Latin American ecosystems. The event will serve as a platform to promote the internationalisation of our local startups, as well as the growth of the city as a benchmark in tech and innovation.


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