Despite the distance and cultural differences, Miami and Valencia have more in common than it seems. Both cities have become ideal destinations for entrepreneurs looking to develop their businesses. The new ways of working, where remote work has taken centre stage, and the commitment to a quality of life that balances work and family life has meant that more and more digital nomads are choosing to live in a pleasant environment that favours the growth of their businesses while enjoying a friendly city with a good climate and a wide range of cultural activities.

Both the American city and the capital of the Valencian region share a privileged climate and a unique environment. Above all, both cities are committed to developing and strengthening an entrepreneurial ecosystem that attracts startups and investors. As pointed out by the Mayor of Miami, Francis X. Suarez, “in addition to historical and cultural ties and the shared language, Miami and Valencia have something else in common and that is that they are stealing the spotlight from large cities thanks to their tech hubs, which have gained popularity in recent years”.

At Startup Valencia we have wanted to strengthen this connection through different actions that, in addition, value the work of Valencian entrepreneurs and allow them to make themselves known at the international level. An example of this has been the organisation, together with IVACE, of the participation of nine Valencian startups in eMerge Americas, one of the most symbolic events within the US startup ecosystem that took place in Miami last April. 

Training Experience, Trazable and Iakan Health were the three Valencian startups and members of Startup Valencia that had the opportunity to pitch to international investors at the “Startup Showcase 2022” of eMerge Americas. ClimateTrade, Streamion, Fresh People and Wito, also members of Startup Valencia, as well as the Valencian startups Entrii and Stayforlong presented their projects at this internationally recognised tech event.

Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for España Nación Emprendedora (Spain: an Entrepreneurial Nation), also travelled to this edition of eMerge Americas to participate in the event. There, he explained that “the Spanish innovation ecosystem is going through a good period. There are many entrepreneurs who are exploring international markets with the aim of scaling their businesses“.

Valencia and Miami technological connection


Miami Valencia Forum

A few months earlier, in December of 2021, the links between Valencia and Miami had already materialised at the Miami Valencia Forum held as part of the Valencia Digital Summit 2021. This initiative launched a collaboration channel between the hubs of both cities to facilitate the exchange of talent and investment and to promote international business opportunities.

This bilateral forum welcomed the participation of renowned agents of the North American ecosystem throughout the programme and positioned the Valencian Community as a gateway to Europe from America.


An innovative and technological connection

Valencia and Miami share the present and the future as tech and innovation ecosystems. For the startup sector, this connection represents an air bridge between Europe and the USA and an opportunity for entrepreneurs located in Valencia to accelerate their internationalisation processes. It also positions the Valencian Community as an internationally recognised tech hub and allows the region to continue attracting talent and global investment.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger