Oratrex has emerged as the winner of Startup Valencia Pitch Day 2023. The event, which serves as a platform to showcase the region’s entrepreneurial and innovative talent while fostering valuable connections with investors and corporations, took place this morning at Banco Sabadell’s Hub Empresa.

The jury responsible for selecting the winner consisted of representatives from leading companies within the Valencian innovation ecosystem, such as Ángel Buigues, BStartup advisor at Banco Sabadell; Blanca Sastre, Investment Associate at Elewit; Marc Guasch, Investment Associate at Zubi Capital; Pablo Perea, VC Investor at GoHub; Lorena Lahuerta, Valencia Hub Manager at HP; and Alberto Hospital, Dealflow Manager at Marina de Empresas / Lanzadera.

In addition to Oratrex, the following startups presented their projects in 4-minute pitches: Dryfing, Entrii, Fluxus, Gaia Green Tech, Glissandoo, Kerionics, Mediterranean Algae, Mendel Brain, Oratrex and Proteus Innovation.

Oratrex was rightfully recognised and awarded for its presentation, impressing the jury with “a highly scalable project and a compelling pitch”. As a result of its victory, the startup now enjoys the opportunity to participate in Valencia Digital Summit 2023, the 6th edition of the international tech event organised by Startup Valencia, to be held on the 26th and 27th of October at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. The convention is expected to draw over 10,000 attendees from more than 80 different countries.

As highlighted by Nacho Mas, CEO of Startup Valencia, “this meeting is a privileged showcase for the talent and technological innovation being developed in the Valencia region”. “The visibility offered by Valencia Digital Summit is highly esteemed in every edition, and it is set to receive a substantial boost upon the completion of La Terminal. This new tech hub, located in the historic maritime station of La Marina de Valencia and backed by Valencia Innovation District, will encompass 5,000 square metres and house more than 500 highly qualified jobs“, he emphasised.


Startup Valencia Pitch Day 2023

The ten startups that participated in Startup Valencia Pitch Day 2023 earned their spot by showcasing their potential and promising projects to the investment and corporate community. These are:

  • Oratrex (winner): a startup utilising blockchain technology and security to revolutionise event planning through a platform that seamlessly integrates with any ticket distribution system.
  • Dryfing: a company specialising in designing, manufacturing, and marketing machines that wash, dry, and disinfect wetsuits, thereby improving the water sports experience and increasing the lifespan of wetsuits through specialised care.
  • Entrii: a market intelligence platform tailored for export managers. enabling them to interpret information effectively and make informed decisions.
  • Fluxus: an innovative solution for seamlessly integrating digital tools, with a particular focus on virtual surgical planning for highly complex medical cases that require greater attention and care.
  • Gaia Green Tech: a startup combating the climate crisis with technology and services centred around accessible electric vehicle charging networks, sustainable mobility, and clean energy supply.
  • Glissandoo: a mobile app that connects musicians and bands, facilitating collaboration and project initiation.
  • Kerionics: a startup developing high-temperature solid oxide electrolysers for the production of renewable hydrogen.
  • Mediterranean Algae: a company dedicated to cultivating native Mediterranean algae on land, using cutting-edge technology to obtain biomass and high-value bioactive compounds for various applications in food, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.
  • Mendel Brain: a startup specialising in personalised emotional care by understanding the genetics associated with psychological characteristics such as temperament, sensitivity to stress, and anxiety.
  • Proteus Innovation: a startup aiming to digitalise the aquatic sector by developing unmanned vessels for companies and individuals alike.