Helloprint Group increases its investments in Valencia and joins Startup Valencia to further develop the ecosystem

Helloprint, the Dutch/Spanish leading marketplace for customised printed products and their connected companies, are joining Startup Valencia. The group chose Valencia already 8 years ago as the main city in Europe to rapidly develop their innovative services and develop new, innovative technology companies.

Helloprint and their connected companies are becoming a new Corporate Partner of Startup Valencia with the aim of connecting with the Valencian innovative scene and promoting it by providing startups with tools and services that facilitate their internationalisation. This collaboration will begin with the involvement of Helloprint as an advisor in the hackathon The Challenge of Valencia Digital Summit 2022, a reference technological event in the Valencian Community that will be held from October 24 to 26 in the City of Arts and Sciences, where Helloprint and their connected companies will also exhibit its advanced solutions at a stand in the expo area.

For Juan Luis Hortelano, President of Startup Valencia, "the addition of this new collaboration, with a prestigious number of companies with an international presence such as Helloprint, reinforces Valencia's position as a world-class technological hub and enriches our ecosystem by sharing its experience and business culture”.

“We chose Valencia many years ago as our main hub for international and innovative expansion”, says Hans Scheffer, CEO and Founder of Helloprint. “Currently, our Valencia operation is much bigger than our headquarters in The Netherland, which means that we are massively increasing our growth ambitions in Valencia. For us, that always goes hand-in-hand with helping the local ecosystem develop and paying back to the community that helps us grow.  With the collaboration with Startup Valencia,  we are going to support startups going through the same process that we have been years ago. Startup Valencia is the right partner to do so, since they have the feet in the Valencian ecosystem ground and will allow us to advise and mentor new companies with the same passion for internationalisation as we have.”


Internal ecosystem of entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurs behind Helloprint have built a variety of companies in the last years with a local presence in Valencia. Their largest is Helloprint itself, the world's largest marketplace for customised printed products. The technology firm has a presence in 21 countries through a network of more than 221 local partners and is not owning any printing presses themselves.

Other remarkable startups from the group with the grounds in Valencia are weWow, which provides first class customer experience to fast-growing international scale-ups; weVLC, which is changing the co-living model for expats and young international mindset professionals who want to live in sunny Valencia and have an unforgettable experience; and it's brand new Labelnone, the performance marketing dark kitchen that delivers in-house trained and developed marketing professionals to support other agencies growth.

“We strongly believe in the power of entrepreneurship, and we want to encourage people to become the best entrepreneurial version of themselves”, says Hans Scheffer. “Therefore, we’re very pleased to join Startup Valencia and do our fair share to help the Valencian ecosystem accelerate its growth”.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger


10 tech events for startups and entrepreneurs you can’t miss

The disagreements that arise from the debate surrounding remote work and office work, hybrid models that combine the two, or the newest concept of 'liquid office', disappear completely when it comes to discussing the benefits of attending events in person. In that case, the verdict is unanimous: the presence of startups and entrepreneurs at tech events is key to expanding their network of contacts. For this reason, in this post we will compile the main startup fairs and tech events that every entrepreneur should mark in their calendar.

In the same way that the option of working remotely is already a reality at the vast majority of startups, either due to their own company culture or so as not to lose the battle to attract talent, we can also see consensus among investors, founders and managers on the desirability of attending tech events in person. Especially in a context where there are fewer and fewer physical meetings and opportunities to work on personal relationships with venture capitalists, clients and partners that help the company advance to the next level.

The inspirational component of attending talks and presentations by leading figures in the tech and innovation world must also be positively recognised, or the motivating effect that getting out of their daily routine has on attendees, many of them startup employees. After all, 'companies are the people who make them up'.

So, open your calendar and block your availability for these 10 tech events for startups and entrepreneurs that you can't miss. See you there!


South Summit

The flagship event of southern Europe’s innovation ecosystem celebrated its tenth edition in 2022 in Madrid. Valencian talent stood out with Zeleros, named the most disruptive startup of the competition, usually held in parallel to the talks, networking and other activities of the event. The overall winning startup was the fintech Payflow.

One of the special features that South Summit has recently incorporated is the holding of satellite events throughout the year. More precisely, its health and wellness vertical was the side event that Valencia hosted in 2021, as the fastest growing tech ecosystem at the national level and because of the consolidation of the region as the third leading innovation hub in Spain, in addition to the pronouncement of Valencia as the healthiest city in the world for the second year in a row.

tech events for startups and entrepreneurs


If you can't wait until 2023 to return to South Summit, there is a satellite event to be held this year in Bilbao on the 10th and 11th of November.



If you are an entrepreneur or startup based in Spain and want to make international contacts, for many the key event in Europe is The Next Web Conference.

With an atmosphere resembling more that of a festival rather than a trade fair, the event, held in Amsterdam every year, is coming to Valencia on the 30th and 31st of March of 2023, thus establishing a new connection with our city.

This must-attend event, promoted by the Financial Times, will make it possible to discover the main tech trends and get a close-up look at the companies that will shape the world to come. If you don't believe it, just take a look at the summary of this year's edition.


Web Summit

The Iberian Peninsula boasts some of the main European startup hubs such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and, on the west coast, Lisbon. The capital of a startup nation such as Portugal also hosts one of the most important tech events on the continent: the Web Summit.

The Lisbon event is expected to welcome more than 70,000 attendees and has already confirmed the attendance of speakers from Y Combinator, Amazon, Revolut, Jeeves, Miro and Binance. Even the legendary Juventus FC player Alessandro Del Piero, ambassador of Socios.com, is among the speakers at the Web Summit.

The next edition of the Web Summit, which will take place from the 1st of November to the 4th, is one of the few events left on the 2022 calendar.



4YFN began almost as an anecdote next to the Mobile World Congress, a kind of satellite event to showcase tech-based and highly innovative projects, at that time when the concept of a 'startup' was not so common. However, over the years the Barcelona event has sculpted its own identity and many people have come to prefer it over the MWC, which instead focuses on showcasing the latest generation of devices and major tech advances.

In 2023, 4YFN will be held from the 27th of February to the 2nd of March. It is undoubtedly, along with South Summit, one of the events to which the Valencian startup ecosystem travels en masse. If you are a Valencian entrepreneur or startup and you are planning to attend 4YFN, maximize the return on your attendance by relying on your local network to open more doors and generate new connections.



By number of attendees and size of the venue, the flagship event of the French startup ecosystem is also the most attended in Europe, although with less experience, having held six editions to date. 

In 2023 it will coincide with TNW, so you will have to choose between one of the two major events on the Old Continent. If you opt for Paris, in addition to VivaTech it is advisable to visit one of the largest startup campuses in the world: Station F.


DES Malaga 

Andalusia's main tech and innovation hub is in Malaga and the Digital Enterprise Show is its flagship event.

Last June's edition was attended by Barack Obama, who spoke about the four-day workweek in his conference, along with other issues and speakers.

During the celebration of this tech event, the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem played a key part and was represented by Startup Valencia, which hosted in its space all the Valencian startups that attended the event with the aim of strengthening the positioning of the Valencian Community as the third leading tech hub in Spain and showcasing the talent of our region. 



The eMerge Americas ecosystem turns Miami into the tech center of America every year and represents a unique opportunity to promote innovation and investment in Florida and Latin America.

Its seventh edition, held on the 18th and 19th of April, focused on topics such as cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and the FinTech and e-Health sectors. It also featured three thematic congresses on e-government, Women, Innovation and Technology, and Investors Summit. 

tech events for startups and entrepreneurs


The most important tech event in Miami was attended by seven Valencian startups this year that, accompanied by Startup Valencia, sought new launch and investment opportunities and pitched to internationally recognized investors. 


TOA Berlin 

Much more than just tech, the flagship event of the German entrepreneurial ecosystem shares with TNW that festival spirit that facilitates networking and inspires its attendees to, as its slogan says, become futureproof.

Europe’s most alternative tech event, held in Berlin of course, is also a perfect opportunity to get to know Silicon Allee, the entrepreneurial community of the German capital.

The most interesting talks, presentations and round tables from past editions can be found on its Youtube channel


We Make Future 

The international tech event We Make Future was held from the 16th to the 18th of June this year in Rimini, Italy, with the aim of pushing for a better future through the promotion of digital education, innovation and the boosting of cooperation between social, economic and social actors.

This tenth edition once again brought together the world of innovation in an international context and focused on robotics as the main theme.

An event that also had representation of the Valencian tech and innovation ecosystem by the hand of Valencian startups that had their own space at the event


Valencia Digital Summit 

The fifth edition of the international tech event of the Valencian innovation ecosystem organized by Startup Valencia, will be held from the 24th to the 26th of October at the City of Arts and Sciences. Under the slogan 'Inspiring the Good Future', Valencia Digital Summit (VDS) will showcase how technology, innovation and digitalization are building a better future and why they are fundamental in tackling the major social and economic challenges facing society. 

At VDS2022, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to showcase their projects to the more than 10,000 people from over 35 countries expected to attend this year. The event will also feature over 300 presentations by renowned national and international speakers and will bring together 250+ investors, 150+ corporations and 1,500+ startups. 

tech events for startups and entrepreneurs


Spain’s leading investment funds and internationally recognised funds such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, Cocoa and Elaia, which together add up to a portfolio of more than €6 billion to invest for next year, have already confirmed their participation in VDS2022. 

Get your free ticket before they sell out by clicking here.


Want to attend
VDS2022 for free?

Want to attend VDS2022 for free?


Spain’s leading investment funds confirm their participation in Valencia Digital Summit 2022

Spain’s leading investment funds have already confirmed their participation in the fifth edition of Valencia Digital Summit (VDS2022). With over €6 billion to invest in their portfolio for next year, these venture capital funds will meet with entrepreneurs, startups and corporations from the 24th to the 26th of October in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia. The internationally recognised tech event of the Valencian region organised by Startup Valencia will also bring together more than 300 internationally renowned speakers and is expected to attract more than 10,000 attendees from over 30 different countries.

Among the national investment funds already confirmed are CEMEX Ventures, Telefónica Ventures, GoHub Ventures, Bankinter VC, Seaya Ventures, K Fund Ventures, Adara Ventures, JME Ventures, 7R Ventures, Draper B1, Conexo Ventures, PaoCapital and Kibo Ventures, among others. All of them have set Valencia as a key destination to carry out investments and VDS2022 as the framework from which to identify and promote successful projects.

On the other hand, leading international investment funds such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, Cocoa, Elaia, Pipeline Capital, Dynamo Ventures, Startup Wise Guys, TheVentureCity, Beacon, Golden Gate Ventures, Pear VC, OneRagtime, ARCAP and Nemetschek, among others, have also confirmed their participation in VDS2022.

As Juan Luis Hortelano, president of Startup Valencia, explained: "the trajectory and international prestige achieved by Valencia Digital Summit has made it an unmissable tech event on the venture capital calendar". He added that "the consolidation of Valencia as the third most important Spanish hub has turned the region into an attractive destination for the global investment community".

According to data from the Bankinter Foundation's Observatory of the Startup Ecosystem in Spain, investment in startups during the first half of the year between Valencia and Alicante exceeded €150 million. Valencia in particular has already registered 23 operations and has multiplied its investment by 4, reaching €53.9 million. On the other hand, Alicante is in third place in terms of investment raised thanks to the operation of Recover, the startup specialising in the production of low-impact, high-quality recycled cotton fibre, which recently raised €95 million in an investment round led by Goldman Sachs and in which other investors such as Story3 Capital Partners also participated.


Great prospects

Under the slogan 'Inspiring the Good Future', Valencia Digital Summit 2022 will showcase how technology, innovation and digitalisation are building a better future and why they are fundamental to tackling the major social and economic challenges facing society.

The convention will include a completely free section open to the public, where attendees will be able to enjoy exhibition areas in which the latest trends, tech innovations and disruptive products will be presented by means of interactive experiences with the aim of highlighting the existing talent in the Valencian Community, attracting investment to the region and creating business opportunities between corporations and startups. As a novelty of the fifth edition, the tech event will feature Summit Pro: a paid B2B forum with premium content and exclusive activities for professionals.


An international tech event

Since its first edition in 2018, Valencia Digital Summit has experienced exponential growth that has led it to become a tech event of international recognition. The latest edition alone, held on the 15th and 16th of December last year, generated an economic impact of more than €4.8 million. The convention, which was attended by leaders of world-renowned companies such as Airbus, Google and Amazon, as well as consolidated startups such as Jeff, Jobandtalent and Gorillas, brought together more than 5,500 people in person and more than 5,000 online. In addition, 20% of all attendees came from abroad and from up to 25 different countries.




Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger


Sofía Benjumea (Google for Startup)

Sofía Benjumea (Google for Startups): "Valencia has already put itself on the map of European entrepreneurship"

The roller coaster of entrepreneurship is moving at great speed, so fast that five years have already passed since Startup Valencia was founded. Although the main KPIs demonstrate the remarkable progress of the Valencian startup ecosystem and its consolidation as the third most important tech hub in the country, according to data from the Bankinter Innovation Foundation observatory and the 'Spanish Tech Ecosystem' report, it’s worth asking leading figures in the industry their opinion in order to complete the picture.

To get this feedback, there’s no one better than Sofía Benjumea, Head of Google for Startups in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, a woman who’s used to seeing the birth, growth and consolidation of entrepreneurial environments all over the world and with whom we have been able to discuss the topic.


What is Google for Startups, how does it work and why should it be applied to your programmes?

"At Google for Startups our mission is to pave the way for anyone, regardless of their socio-economic profile, gender, race or place of origin, to have access to the resources they need to launch and grow their startup. Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Entrepreneurs, especially in the early stages, encounter a multitude of obstacles. 

We want to guide these people who embark on entrepreneurial ventures and who find themselves in these stages. That is why, since the inception of Google for Startups in Spain in 2015, our goal has always been to put the best of Google at the service of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including our products, best practices, experience and extensive network of industry experts. In fact, in 2020 we launched the Growth Academy programmes, designed specifically to train people in the tourism, health, E-commerce, digital transformation and sustainability sectors. We did this because although there is a common denominator in entrepreneurship, each sector poses different challenges and strategies

In addition to the purely educational aspect, having a common place to work, such as Google for Startups Campus Madrid, facilitates and encourages networking; something that entrepreneurs consider fundamental because the challenges that one company faces may have been previously faced by another, and seeking solutions together with the help of our experts is what the startups that have gone through our programmes over the last seven years value most. 

How it works is simple. At Google for Startups we are continuously generating programmes that all types of Spanish startups can apply for, wherever they are, and they can do so through our website". 


What changes have you observed in the Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem since the beginning of Google for Startups and Google for Startups Campus Madrid?

"The ecosystem has matured exponentially since we opened the Campus doors in 2015. That year investment in startups in Spain broke records with €600 million; seven years later, we reached €4 billion invested in Spanish startups. In addition, there is growing interest from international funds, which now account for 80% of the value. 

We have also seen the ratio of female entrepreneurs grow. While it’s still a very low figure nationally (18% depending on which studies you look at), in the Google for Startups community 45% of startup founders are women, an increase from 40% in 2018".


What is your opinion of the Valencian startup ecosystem, what do you know about it and what would you say are its main challenges?

"The Valencian tech hub has greatly evolved in recent years and this is largely due to the efforts of organisations such as Startup Valencia and Lanzadera. In fact, it’s putting itself on the map of entrepreneurship in Spain and Europe. The creation of this type of organisations and of large, relevant companies that promote and support entrepreneurship means that, just as in other cities such as Madrid or Barcelona, startups find the support and resources they need to develop their projects.

One of Spain's competitive advantages in terms of its entrepreneurial ecosystem is its diversity. In other European countries, a large part of the ecosystem is centralised in the capital, but in Spain we have the very unique quality of boasting more than just one hub, as can be seen with Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga and Bilbao. The key now is to interconnect these ecosystems.


What can startups and entrepreneurs do at the local level to accelerate the growth of their ecosystems? Why is it crucial to have this involvement?

"If there is one thing we have shown at Google for Startups, it’s that entrepreneurs are a key part of a country's economy. Startups are an engine of growth and job creation, and these jobs are high quality jobs. In addition, they also play a fundamental role in helping many other companies go through their digital transformation, thanks to the tech aspect of most startups".


Talking about employment, finding talent is one of the toughest battles that startups face today: is there a lack of professionals, is there a better life in the corporate world or in other areas outside the startup? How can we attract more talent to reduce the gap between supply and demand?

"There is a general lack of tech talent today. One of the main drawbacks for entrepreneurs who want to hire this type of talent is that they cannot compete in terms of salary with large companies and corporations. However, they do so through other benefits which allow them to be competitive with regards to established companies. These opportunities relate to flexibility, mission, impact on one's own organisation, personal and professional development opportunities, and stock package for the future.


Why is the consolidation of tech events such as Valencia Digital Summit (5 years) or the recently held South Summit (10 years) important for entrepreneurs and startups?

"These tech events fulfil two key missions: they generate connections between the different players in the ecosystem and they are a way of demonstrating to the outside world the quality and quantity of startups that exist locally. They also serve to attract investors, talent and other companies that can help entrepreneurs and the ecosystem in general to grow. At these types of events, such as South Summit or Valencia Digital Summit, different actors of the ecosystem from different sectors and with different roles converge and all of this, without a doubt, is an added support to continue making it grow".



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger


Valencia and Miami a technological connection

Valencia and Miami, an innovative and technological connection

Despite the distance and cultural differences, Miami and Valencia have more in common than it seems. Both cities have become ideal destinations for entrepreneurs looking to develop their businesses. The new ways of working, where remote work has taken centre stage, and the commitment to a quality of life that balances work and family life has meant that more and more digital nomads are choosing to live in a pleasant environment that favours the growth of their businesses while enjoying a friendly city with a good climate and a wide range of cultural activities.

Both the American city and the capital of the Valencian region share a privileged climate and a unique environment. Above all, both cities are committed to developing and strengthening an entrepreneurial ecosystem that attracts startups and investors. As pointed out by the Mayor of Miami, Francis X. Suarez, "in addition to historical and cultural ties and the shared language, Miami and Valencia have something else in common and that is that they are stealing the spotlight from large cities thanks to their tech hubs, which have gained popularity in recent years".

At Startup Valencia we have wanted to strengthen this connection through different actions that, in addition, value the work of Valencian entrepreneurs and allow them to make themselves known at the international level. An example of this has been the organisation, together with IVACE, of the participation of nine Valencian startups in eMerge Americas, one of the most symbolic events within the US startup ecosystem that took place in Miami last April. 

Training Experience, Trazable and Iakan Health were the three Valencian startups and members of Startup Valencia that had the opportunity to pitch to international investors at the "Startup Showcase 2022" of eMerge Americas. ClimateTrade, Streamion, Fresh People and Wito, also members of Startup Valencia, as well as the Valencian startups Entrii and Stayforlong presented their projects at this internationally recognised tech event.

Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for España Nación Emprendedora (Spain: an Entrepreneurial Nation), also travelled to this edition of eMerge Americas to participate in the event. There, he explained that "the Spanish innovation ecosystem is going through a good period. There are many entrepreneurs who are exploring international markets with the aim of scaling their businesses".

Valencia and Miami technological connection


Miami Valencia Forum

A few months earlier, in December of 2021, the links between Valencia and Miami had already materialised at the Miami Valencia Forum held as part of the Valencia Digital Summit 2021. This initiative launched a collaboration channel between the hubs of both cities to facilitate the exchange of talent and investment and to promote international business opportunities.

This bilateral forum welcomed the participation of renowned agents of the North American ecosystem throughout the programme and positioned the Valencian Community as a gateway to Europe from America.


An innovative and technological connection

Valencia and Miami share the present and the future as tech and innovation ecosystems. For the startup sector, this connection represents an air bridge between Europe and the USA and an opportunity for entrepreneurs located in Valencia to accelerate their internationalisation processes. It also positions the Valencian Community as an internationally recognised tech hub and allows the region to continue attracting talent and global investment.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger


Nax Solutions, winner of Startup Valencia Pitch Day

Nax Solutions, winner of Startup Valencia Pitch Day

The Nax Solutions startup has been named winner of Startup Valencia Pitch Day 2022. The event, held this morning at Banco Sabadell's Business Hub and organised by Startup Valencia, aims to expose entrepreneurial talent to the national and international investor and corporate community, promote contact for potential investment, trade or strategic agreements, and empower the startups that participated in the event.

Nax Solutions, a software that allows each crop to be treated in a personalised way thanks to the invaluable help of satellite images and its algorithm, beat the other finalist startups and as a prize secured its participation in the fifth edition of the Valencia Digital Summit to be held from the 24th to the 26th of October at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

The ten finalist startups pitched for 4 minutes each in front of the Startup Valencia Corporate Committee, represented by: GoHub from Global Omnium, BStartup from Banco Sabadell, Google for Startups, Wayra from Telefónica, Elewit from Grupo Red Eléctrica and the Valenciaport Foundation. Specifically, the members of the jury were: Jose Ignacio Ruiz, Open Innovation Manager at GoHub; Ángel Buigues, Advisor at BStartup Banco Sabadell; Miguel Burguete, Startup Partner Manager at Google for Startups; Alfonso Carranza, Investment Manager at Elewit, and Salvador Furió, Director of Innovation and Development of the Port Cluster at the Valenciaport Foundation.

Juan Luis Hortelano, president of Startup Valencia, stressed that "this meeting has been an excellent opportunity for corporations and investors of national and international prestige to get to know the talent that is being generated in the Valencian Community by the hand of these ten startups with projects of great potential".

Hortelano also took the opportunity to thank the investors, members and partners of Startup Valencia for their commitment to the initiative, as well as Banco Sabadell's BStartup for hosting the event at its Business Hub.

Beatriz Sanchis, CFO and co-founder of Nax Solutions, thanked the jury and Startup Valencia for the boost that participating in this event has given her project. "This recognition is a joy and an honour for the entire Nax Solutions team. Moreover, being able to participate in Valencia Digital Summit 2022 is a great networking and business opportunity for us".


Startup Valencia Pitch Day 2022

The following are the ten Valencian startups with great projection that have had the opportunity to present their solutions to investors at Startup Valencia Pitch Day 2022: Talentomnia, a tech platform that, through Artificial Intelligence, generates an instant 'match' between any company and a selection of the most suitable freelancers for their projects; Miobio, a startup specialised in designing and offering personalised diets for athletes; Colibid, a revolutionary mortgage auction platform; and Inespay, a startup specialised in developing payment methods for the digital economy based mainly on online bank transfers.

In addition, Foodration4all is a social economy startup dedicated to the design, development, commercialisation and implementation of innovation and triple impact projects in the food sector and environmental sustainability; Nymiz is a startup that commercialises the most advanced data anonymisation and masking software on the market; Crowmie, a company that allows both professional and non-professional investors to access the sector through a platform for investment in tokenised renewable energy projects; Okify, a platform that registers all the utilities of a new home in a single click; and Uelz, a digital payment management and automation platform for SMEs and startups.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger


The Provincial Council of Valencia hosts the presentation of the Valencia Digital Summit international startup competition

Diputació de Valencia hosts the presentation of the Valencia Digital Summit international startup competition

This Tuesday, Diputació de Valencia hosted the presentation of the international startup competition of Valencia Digital Summit (VDS), the region's leading tech event, which this year will be held for the fifth time from the 24th to the 26th of October at the City of Arts and Sciences. With the aim of attracting talent and investment to the Valencian ecosystem and promoting innovative projects, Startup Valencia is launching this initiative that will allow the selected startups to present their ideas within the framework of VDS.

Valencia Digital Summit is an international meeting point for entrepreneurs, startups, investors and corporations, such as Generalitat, Diputació de Valencia and Ayuntamiento de Valencia, who collaborate in the tech event. The courtyard of the Palau dels Scala of the provincial corporation has hosted the presentation as part of Startup Europe Week, in an event attended by the Vice President of Diputació de Valencia, Carlos Fernández Bielsa; the Councillor for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the City of Valencia, Pilar Bernabé; the Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship at València Activa, Javier Mateo; the General Director for Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Generalitat Valenciana, Teresa García; the General Director for the Advancement of the Digital Society of GVA, Juan Ignacio Torregosa; and the CEO of Startup Valencia, Nacho Mas.

In the words of Mas: "institutional support serves as a driving force for private initiative to join the proposal to help position the tech and innovation ecosystem of the Valencian Region''. The CEO of Startup Valencia emphasised that in the fifth edition of VDS "more than 10,000 people are expected to attend, guaranteeing the growth of this unmissable event for the Valencian business and investment sector".

On the other hand, the provincial head of Cooperation and European Projects, Carlos Fernández Bielsa, highlighted the active participation of the institution in an event that "boosts our innovative technology-based system and generates economic growth and employment". "Diputació de Valencia will always be on the side of those who build the future," added Vice-President Bielsa.

Pilar Bernabé, representing the Valencian City Council, said that VDS "is the Valencia event by which we want to be recognised nationally and internationally, as it positions the city at the forefront of tech and innovation entrepreneurship". Valencia Digital Summit is “an opportunity for the territory and the economic sectors that are going to be the driving force of the new economy of the future", concluded Bernabé.

Teresa García, General Director of Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism of the Consell de Valencia, expressed a view along the same lines. She is clear that the consolidation of this type of event "strengthens the productive sector of the region". For the regional head, "Valencia Digital Summit is a technological forum capable of attracting investment, which gives a boost to entrepreneurship".



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger


Startup Valencia and Feria Valencia

Startup Valencia and Feria Valencia join forces to improve the competitiveness of Valencian industry

Startup Valencia and Feria Valencia have joined forces to improve the competitiveness of Valencian industry. With this objective, both entities have signed a collaboration agreement that will bring innovative solutions developed by the agents of the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem closer to the business network.

As Juan Luis Hortelano, President of Startup Valencia, points out, adding value to the productive sectors of the region is one of the hallmarks of Feria Valencia. "Creating a framework of collaboration with this institution provides the opportunity for the Valencian entrepreneurial ecosystem to make public its proposals and present them more directly and effectively to its target audience, as well as providing companies with the open innovation space they need to be more competitive", he explained.

In addition, this alliance seeks to facilitate direct contact between the startups and the markets at which their products and services are aimed, depending on the stage of development they are at. In this way, tech and innovation companies will be able to test their products, meet potential customers, find investors and give visibility to their proposals. All these actions will be aimed at consolidating their presence and business model.

Valencian entrepreneurs will also have access and preferential conditions in the spaces of Feria Valencia to participate in the institution's own events. Likewise, the development of activities and content that complement commercial participation is also envisaged.

Startup Valencia will put in place the necessary mechanisms to disseminate the actions and opportunities that Feria Valencia offers to the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

For the general manager of Feria Valencia, Enrique Soto, this is a "great agreement that will allow exhibitors at all our fairs to have preferential access to the work of startups". Soto believes that initiatives that facilitate innovation in business are key to facing times like these in which changes are happening at great speed.


Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger


Foreign entrepreneurs are moving to Valencia to scale up their startups

Foreign entrepreneurs are moving to Valencia to scale up their startups

More and more foreign startups and tech companies are choosing the Valencian Region to grow their businesses. For instance, Startup Valencia has 21 members from outside Spain.

Originating mainly in Europe and South America, these companies have seen the Valencian Community as a destination for their investment. Among the reasons for choosing this region is the fact that it is now the third tech hub in Spain, only behind Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the open innovation space where startups and corporations connect and evolve together.

As Juan Luis Hortelano, president of Startup Valencia, explains: "the Valencian Community is a great enclave for the tech and innovation ecosystem, which is why we seek to encourage foreign startups to settle here. Valencia has become the ideal setting for tech entrepreneurs looking for a place to develop their ideas and scale their businesses”. 

The maturity of the ecosystem and a solid financial and technological structure are attractive values for talent and entrepreneurship. Added to this are the climate and quality of life offered by the region. As Gillian van Loenhoud, head of “People and Culture” at Yobbers, a Dutch startup based in Valencia, points out, all these ingredients are a magnet for companies. "The reason we decided to come to Valencia, apart from all the advantages the city has, is to meet interesting people in the ecosystem," he says.

Eve Pattison, CEO of Big Translation, a Corporate Partner of Startup Valencia, shares the same view: "the Valencian ecosystem welcomes you, regardless of your nationality, and makes you feel supported. It's an ecosystem where you really notice how they help each other".

In order to make the setting-up of these companies in the Valencian Community easy and pleasant, Startup Valencia has developed an accompaniment programme. Through the Soft Landing programme, these companies are provided with information and connections with agents in the Valencian tech and innovation ecosystem that will enable them to obtain help in the form of legal advice, public aid, acceleration programmes, basic documentation, administrative procedures, workspaces and accommodation, among others. The aim is to provide them with an easy "landing" so as to allow them to focus completely on developing and scaling their business.

This is an assistance that entrepreneurs value positively. "With Startup Valencia it’s the first time we have felt helped by the ecosystem as expats", explains Stefano Scardia, CEO and co-founder of Colibid.

Startup Valencia has created an Expats working group that aims to foster cooperation between foreign companies based in the Valencian Community. If you are interested in joining this group, please write to hello@startupvalencia.org.



Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger


MiV Startup Program

Mobility Innovation Valencia will develop a programme for smart and sustainable mobility startups

Mobility Innovation Valencia is developing a programme for startups aimed at projects in the field of smart and sustainable mobility. The MiV Startup Program will have the goal of combining the capabilities of the Valencian industrial environment and the agility of startups arising from technological opportunities, in order to develop a viable product and validate its business model.

MiV Startup Program is an initiative for startups promoted by the automotive business cluster of the Valencian Community (AVIA), with the collaboration of Startup Valencia and the support of the Department of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labour of the Valencian regional government.

This programme arises from the opportunity born in the field of mobility with the development of new vehicles and the adaptation of current ones through clean energy technologies, the transformation of cities to improve the quality of life of citizens, and the need to identify new business models derived from the current trends of the different economic sectors. This will allow them to contribute to the development of the Valencian Community, promoting industrialisation and, therefore, its development and increase in competitiveness at the international level.

The MiV Startup Program is aimed at startups and spin-offs with projects related to the transformation of the automotive sector towards smart and sustainable mobility, as well as the integration of aspects related to energy, digitalisation, and new types of vehicles.

The new trends in sustainable and smart mobility are key for the automotive sector, so this initiative will prioritise those projects framed within some of the key technological areas for companies in the sector, such as electric vehicles, connected vehicles and V2X, batteries and systems, logistics and transport, and Artificial Intelligence, among others.

According to the director of the MiV, Jackie Sánchez-Molero, "this is a programme designed with a 360-degree vision to work jointly on the development of three fundamental pillars such as new business models, personal development and the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem of the Valencian Community".

The initiative will work to offer each participating project the guidance and technical resources necessary to develop, as well as to give it greater visibility. "In addition, activities will be carried out to promote public-private financing of the initiatives. In short, it is an opportunity to make contacts within the automotive industry of the Valencian region for the companies supported and promoted by the MiV programme", said Jackie Sánchez-Molero.

The committee responsible for the pre-selection of the projects will be made up of representatives from companies in the mobility sector of the Valencian Community, the MiV management team, AVIA and Startup Valencia, as well as from the different entities promoting the initiative, who will be supported by independent experts specialised in the main areas of interest.




Working together
makes us stronger

Working together
makes us stronger