The Partners & Supporters Catch-up event, held on the 5th of July, was attended by the Mayor of Valencia, Mª José Catalá, and Paula Llobet, Councillor for Economy and Major Projects. Their presence underscored their steadfast dedication to the growth and development of the Valencian innovation ecosystem. The event provided them the opportunity to engage with Juan Luis Hortelano, President of Startup Valencia, and Nacho Mas, CEO, during which they discussed the city’s strategic approach to both retaining and attracting tech talent.

Additionally, they also had the chance to inspect the progress of the new tech hub called “La Terminal”, spearheaded by Valencia Innovation District. The hub is currently under construction at the former maritime station of La Marina de Valencia and is anticipated to open its doors in the second quarter of 2024. The Mayor highlighted that the realisation of this project is attributed solely to the city’s innovation ecosystem. “I have conveyed to Startup Valencia that Valencia City Council is ready to assist in any way necessary, as we firmly believe in the potential of the project. Valencia needs job creation, increased investment, and a resolute belief in the endless possibilities offered by innovation,” she said.


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During the opening ceremony of the event, Catalá reaffirmed her strong dedication and backing for the continued growth and success of the international tech event, Valencia Digital Summit (VDS). She emphasised the significance of VDS in attracting both national and international talent and investment to the region.

For his part, Juan Luis Hortelano remarked that Startup Valencia represents the interests of the Valencian tech ecosystem, “and we will work hand in hand with the Valencia City Council to further elevate the city’s status as a hub for innovative and tech entrepreneurship and as a benchmark in southern Europe“. 


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In this regard, he called attention to the exposure and visibility brought to the city by VDS: “the upcoming sixth edition, with the backing of the City Council and various other entities, is set to convene over 10,000 professionals from more than 80 different countries in October at the City of Arts and Sciences, generating a business volume exceeding €10 million“.

During the event held at the Veles e Vents building, partners and supporters of Startup Valencia met to discuss the notable achievements and challenges of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Additionally, the meeting provided a platform for the new city government team to present their vision and key proposals in the field of tech and innovative entrepreneurship.


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